As both an attorney and a business owner, in my 12 years of working on business deals, acquisitions and mergers, I have not met a better, more professional business broker than Ron Matheson. Due to his experience as a successful entrepreneur and broker, Ron has a superior understanding of company operations and financials; this experience, in addition to his professionalism and network in the lending space, makes him a valuable asset when selling a business. While there are many business brokers that attempt to sell businesses for their clients, Ron is different.

Ron is upfront with all parties about the pros and cons of a deal, ensuring that both the Seller as well as potential Buyers are clear about the opportunities as well as the hurdles present in closing a business. This allows all parties to focus on what needs to be done upfront to clear all hurdles, rather than waiting to the last minute. While every business deal presents its own challenges, there's a good chance that Ron has seen and conquered 95% of those challenges in past deals. This kind of experience is crucial when trying to maximize the value of a business on the open market. This, in addition to his niche experience selling eCommerce businesses, makes him 1 in a million among standard business brokers. I highly recommend Ron and truly believe that nobody is better at what he does.