When I moved to Tampa about 7 years ago, I was looking for a business to purchase, having owned several businesses before, I had specific criteria that I had to meet. I met with several brokers and outlined what my ideal business would be, and hoped that one of them would be able to find me a business that fit my criteria. Fortunately for me, one broker stood out from the crowd, which was Ron Matheson. He worked with me, asking me specific questions as to what I liked/disliked, he wanted details, even some that I thought were insignificant. He spent quite a bit of time learning about my needs and used that information to hone in on a few businesses that fit me and my criteria. I was shown plenty of businesses from the “other” brokers, who never bothered get the details, aside from price and industry, and basically wasted my time and theirs. I learned a lot in the first couple months as to who genuinely wanted to work with me, and not just sell me something. I dropped the others and went with Ron. It took some time, but he found a business for me that fit my criteria and it’s been great. If you want a true professional who knows business brokering, and will guide you thru the path to ownership, you will not find a better broker than Ron Matheson.