I would highly recommend Ron Matheson. Coming from the world of financial markets I had the background that enabled me to feel comfortable when it came time to buying a business. I understood the art of negotiation and numbers and thus excelled in the areas of my strengths. Judging from the various Brokers that I dealt with in my search I considered a Broker as a dispensable piece of the puzzle. After going through the process now from beginning to end I am not sure if this transaction would have come to fruition without Ron Matheson. The part that turned out to be immensely challenging was a part that seemed relatively easy at the beginning but by the end was the part that nearly tanked the deal. That was managing the process and particularly the Sellers. Having built a great company over a 15 year period the Sellers had extremely high expectations as it seems all Sellers do. During Due Diligence there was an issue that surfaced that was not something that I could overlook. In the discussion of this issue the whole thing nearly came apart. After all the time and money expended to that point, and having found a company in my search that was truly at a level of my expectations, the last thing I wanted was to walk away empty handed. This is the part that having a savvy competent Broker is worth his/her weight in gold. He managed to find the middle ground that both sides could live with and keep everything on track until we got to the closing table. He provided many intangibles throughout the process as well such as banking relationships, Due Diligence experts and attorneys particularly skilled in this sector. He even stays in touch months and years after closing!

I would highly recommend Ron Matheson and feel you will increase your chances of success working with him over anyone else.