There is nothing easy about selling a business. We own dozens of E-Commerce sites and decided to create wealth by selling one of them. Our goal was a cash, or mostly cash, deal. Anything less was not of interest. We first listed with a Broker who did nothing but waste our time. He brought us a Buyer and the process stalled at the first sign of a problem. There was not nearly enough expertise or guidance. When the listing period ran to an end we gladly decided to go it alone. When we met Ron Matheson we knew he was different. We were still extremely hesitant about engaging another Broker but his knowledge of the process and expertise in many of the more intricate matters was compelling enough to take the risk. First he found a Buyer that we were highly impressed with. Despite the fact that we got out of the gate smoothly there were many problems that came up. One by one he orchestrated moves that allowed us to maneuver around the numerous issues that came up. He was very much in charge and highly creative in his style. I do not believe we would have closed if there was anyone else in the driver's seat and would highly recommend him.