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Technology & Internet M&A Advisors

We Sell Tech & Internet Companies

Expert M&A advisory services to the private markets for lower- and middle-market Tech and Internet companies. A full-service firm specializing in the representation of business owners with companies valued at $5 Million+. We manage the entire process and have thousands of exits already under our belt through a team of highly trained intermediaries and a massive buyer pool.

The M&A Solution Built for Mid-Market Tech

Our M&A solution covers a range of brokerage and consulting services. But unlike most middle-market M&A firms and investment banks, we’re 100% performance-based, and we only focus on the Digital sector – selling only Technology, Internet, eCommerce and other Digital companies. This means no surprise fees, expensive audits or hoops to jump through. We make money by making you money.

Only Tech.
Only Private.
Only Middle Market.

Our team focuses exclusively on selling $5m+ private Technology and Internet companies. Our brokers and analysts are located all around the globe and have many years of experience negotiating, advising and closing deals in the Digital sector, and our processes are uniquely designed to achieve positive outcomes on tight timelines.

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M&A advisory

Over $2B+

In Transactions Represented

Our seasoned team of experts has helped sell thousands of private companies in the last decade, garnering maximum transactional value for shareholders and building a massive pipeline of buyers interested in the Technology and Internet sectors. Most importantly, we’ve got the success stories and battle wounds to prove it.

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M&A Advisory

Do you have a medium to small-sized business? M&A advisory is here to support you.
M&A advisory is the most common intermediary when it comes to business. It has a track record of getting business by completing transactions. M&A stands for merger and acquisitions and these advisors play multiple roles during the entire process.

First of all, they deal with post-merger integration, and they also have a role during company management changes. However, advisors make most of their money by closing deals meaning it is sales driven.

Role of M&A Advisory Firm

The basic role of a M & A business advisor firm is to advise on either sell or buy of the side business during a company’s merger or acquisition.

The real work of M&A starts when a business begins its deals. The specialists are trusted with an active role during the transaction to get a retainer fee and a success fee from the actual transaction. So chances are you will get great benefits, and your role will be emphasized if you have no prior practice or experience in M&A.

The job of a certified M&A advisor is making initial contracts with other businesses while originating suitable companies. They also incorporate the officers for development. They play a big role in the negotiating no matter you are from the buy side or sell side. They also have a say in the structure and overall value of the company.

Common M&A Consulting Firms Tasks

Here is a list of different tasks that almost all Mergers and Acquisition Consulting firms provide.

  • Providing the valuation for the target and buyers
  • They also take care of your pitch decks, investment memos, and teasers
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Consultants are the ones who approach the buyers and sellers
  • M&A advisors also help with the final deal closing which includes proper documentation for it
  • Strategic M&A advisors help with the proper post integration phase and also assist with due diligence.

So, as you can see, M&A advisors have a huge impact on your business and they contribute majorly. All their tasks are crucial to the company, and you cannot think of making progress without them. No matter where you are in the merger and acquisition process, you need the best M&A advisor on your side.

Boutique M&A Advisory Firm

Boutique M&A firms is a name given to M&A advisory firms. It is because they perform all the core work of your transactions and help you restructure, raise capital, and take other financial matters at hand. This makes them a strong candidate for advising you on your internal financial matters.

So why do you need M&A Advisors?

You need M&A advisors because they bring their expertise to the table and set you free from all sorts of hustle. Mergers and acquisitions are a big part of the business world and taking care of it makes these advisors worthy. The success of your M&A depends on the company you choose so make sure that you are making the right choice.

Even the biggest businessman takes their input because M&A advisors know the industry very well. They know all the minor details and where to provide their valued help and advice.

Other than this one of the most major parts is having a contact list at hand. If you ever want to buy or sell a company, you can ask your M&A advisor.

Lastly, the main difference between an investment bank and M&A firms is their size. While investment banking looks for big scale businesses, M&A advisors are concerned with large and medium sized businesses.

At Valley Biggs, our professional services include all types of business services such as transection services. So, choose Valley Biggs now and get the best advisory and consulting services now.

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