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Exit Strategy Advisory

Selling or transitioning a business requires comprehensive preparation and planning. ValleyBiggs specializes in exit advisory, strategy and business succession planning. We help you sell your Technology, Internet, eCommerce or Digital company on your own terms and at maximum enterprise value, bringing operational, legal and technical experience to every deal we close.

Why Do You Need Exit Advisory?

Nearly 75% of private companies are initially undervalued. Your business is likely your largest asset, and you never want to leave money on the table when selling a business. An exit advisor can help define goals, optimize enterprise values and put your business in the light most favorable for a sale or merger. We help all categories of digital businesses in various industries.


When Should You Begin Your Exit Plan?

It’s best to be proactive. That’s why it’s important to start the planning and execution stage of an exit strategy as early as possible. We recommend you plan for an exit at least one year out so that financials are prepared in line with market standards, and your company is best positioned from a risk standpoint when it goes to market. By planning in advance, you have ample time to make decisions that align with present and future assets, objectives and priorities.

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Who Develops Your Exit Plan?

When you work with ValleyBiggs, a senior partner will oversee the development of your exit plan and lead all efforts to ensure a strategy is developed that meets your goals. Our team has years of experience running and selling tech companies just like yours, so there’s no recreating the wheel at our firm. We have developed exit plans for thousands of companies, so we will already have the kindling we need to start that fire. If necessary, we can also bring in third parties to ensure everything is aligned from a legal, tax and economic standpoint.

Are You Billed During the Exit Plan Preparation?

With our firm, you pay nothing during the entire preparation and execution process. We are so confident in our close rate that, even in the middle market, we are 100% success-based. There are times when we help clients for years before they are ready to sell – and we are just fine with that scenario. Helping other entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams is what makes us tick, and we would never consider charging retainers or other fees until we have ultimately proven ourselves with a closing that meets our client’s mandate.


Sell Your Technology Business

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