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Buy-Side Assistance

Buying a Tech Company requires a solid strategy and a dedicated team. With ValleyBiggs, you get both. And we give you a number of options to work with us, from simply identifying and updating you with leads on our platform, to representing your firm in front of deals represented by others, to even targeting companies that have not yet come to market. Whatever your needs, we can represent you.

Listing Awareness

The first step of the process with us is to simply contact us so that we can have a call and get to know you. Generally, this will result in you working with us on one of our sell-side representations. Even though we wouldn’t represent you as a buy-side broker in such a process, our comprehensive M&A process allows our experts to take the time to get to know your firm and understand your mandate. We will then take these learnings and apply them to our available listings to see if there’s a fit and go over those listings with you to get your input. Or, if we don’t have an available business at the moment that matches your criteria (at either ValleyBiggs or one of our sister companies), then we can place you into our deal flow process and contact you when a company pops up that matches your profile. If we are not engaged to represent you, we can still help you through the process to ensure you’re connected to the right groups to help ensure a smooth acquisition. This includes attorneys, accountants, due diligence experts, tax advisors and more.


Personalized Buy-Side Representation

We are able to offer buy-side services with third parties as well. It takes a lot of time and energy to search and find the right deal, the right fit. Many deals on the market are represented poorly by brokers that haven’t taken the time to properly package the assets being sold, or they may be hiding things initially in the hopes that once it comes up in diligence, the buyer will go ahead anyway. Having a broker on your side who knows what questions to ask and when can be extremely helpful to ensure a good experience without getting too deep into the process of buying a company that doesn’t match your mandate.

Additionally, finding available companies on the market can be a daunting process. Going from firm to firm, constantly inquiring about new deals and hoping to get an answer – all of it can be a painful part of the process. We know all the firms in the space and can get you in front of those deals right away – making it much easier on you so that you can just work with one broker who does all the hard work in finding the right deal.

Our team of deal intermediaries and brokers will work with you to find the right business for your needs, help with financing when necessary and network you with our pool of third-party vendors to help ensure a smooth transactional process. While all sell-side representation is performance-based, our buy-side work is a mix of a monthly retainer and a commission upon the sale of the business. Just contact us for more details.

Develop a Target List

In addition to buy-side representation in finding deals currently on the market, we can go one step further in developing an acquisition strategy that includes identifying a list of targets and/or target categories that are not yet on the market. We can reach out to these targets to identify whether they would entertain a sale or merger of their business and get the process kicked off if they would, representing you throughout the deal-making process.


Acquire or Continue Nurturing Potential Targets

If we represent you on a buy-side mandate, we will perform an internal and external outreach process to find those that are interested in a merger or acquisition with your firm. Once we find one, we will handle the exit advisory process. This typically involves four steps: R&D (research and development of targets); a financial assessment of your firm as well as a pre-qualification of funding with our lending partners; managing deal points and negotiations during the pre-LOI stage, and diligence and closing support after the signing of an LOI. If during our outreach program, we locate targets that aren’t quite ready for a sale or merger process, we don’t stop working. We maintain engagement to continue the R&D process until the right business is located.

Multiple buyers

Buy an Enterprise

Looking to purchase an enterprise valued at $5m+? You’ve come to the right place. Get in touch today to see how we can help.