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M&A for Technology Businesses

Selling a Technology, Internet, eCommerce or Digital business is a careful and highly sophisticated process that requires the right mix of valuation expertise, proven go-to-market planning, and successful negotiation experience. ValleyBiggs ensures you get all three.

The Rise of Technology Businesses

Many of the technology businesses you know and love wouldn’t be possible without the Internet and tech stack behind it, which grew from a small network of computers to the global powerhouse it is today. The first Internet boom occurred in 1994 when AOL released its service to consumers, gaining instant popularity. The next boom happened in 1997 when dot-com companies earned high valuations. Google became a household name, and several other big names cropped up at this time, such as Amazon, eBay, Netflix and more.

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Selling Technology Businesses Now

Although the dot-com bubble eventually burst, enthusiasm for Technology companies continued to grow. Web 2.0 came to fruition, which included the dawn of the social media age. Facebook, Twitter and TikTok emerged as social media powerhouses, putting Technology businesses on a pedestal. Now Web 3.0 is on the horizon, and there’s never been a better time to buy – or sell – a Technology, Internet, eCommerce or Digital business.

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Our Clients

ValleyBiggs works with business owners in the lower- to mid-market Technology, Internet, eCommerce and Digital spaces. If your business is valued at $5m+, we’re the go-to source for selling your company.

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Our M&A Process

ValleyBiggs brokers and analysts have decades of experience negotiating, advising and closing deals in the Technology, Internet & Digital Sectors. We rely on a proven process that’s uniquely tailored to the sector we serve in the lower and middle markets. Our buyer pool is vast and includes more than 1.2 Million followers worldwide.

Our Process

Sell Your Technology Business

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