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David Lylis

Tampa, FL

I began my business career as a small business owner in the custom cabinet and specialty woodworking field and have been involved in business management and operations my entire adult life.
Following my career as a Director with a multinational Fortune 500 company, specializing in marketing and sales and managing a $40 million division, I changed life direction with an invitation to join a business brokerage franchise where I refined my chops in the main street business community. I found my niche. I started closing mid-market deals almost immediately and was invited to represent the same clients in the sale of multiple businesses. As the tides changed toward eCommerce I gained a specialty in online and eCommerce businesses and found my home as a successful eCommerce intermediary, which I have enjoyed for the past seven years.
My business motto is “Clients First” and operate my business with that rule in mind, that my client’s needs come before all else. This view of my business has brought many friends onto my life, who started as clients but because I place their needs first and reach or exceed their goals, become my friends. “Treat your clients so you can look them in the eye after the sale and know you have done the right thing”.

It is important to be straight forward with your clients and properly manage expectations. Tell them the way it is, as you see it, not what you think they want to hear. Tell them what to expect and why. Be straight about market conditions, funding, and the time needed to a successful transaction. Properly vet the buyers to know that they have the necessary funding, skills and experience to take the client’s “baby” and treat it as the client would do themselves if they were to continue to operate the business. Select buyers who have the ability to grow the business and assure the client that future payments beyond the close, should there be, are secure and certain to be paid. Discuss the sales strategy with the clients so they understand the process by which the transaction will be successful. Never assume that the client knows the sale process and be certain that they are comfortable with the direction you are taking with their business.

In my spare time at home I enjoy interior decorating and have the builder’s skills to do much of my own work. I love to travel, listen to music, read, but most of all, play my Fender Stratocaster guitar. I am an aspiring Blues Man. My original home is New England so living in Florida makes for a pleasant day, every day.

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