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Lassiter Mason Business Broker

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Lassiter Mason

Tampa, FL

Lassiter Mason joined the ValleyBiggs team in 2015 after a 25-year career in various other financial roles across such diverse industries as utilities, agriculture, airlines, turn-around consulting, and real estate development. It is this spanning financial background that gives him a special eye to just what needs to be done to successfully get his clients happily across the finish line.  According to Lassiter, every deal “breaks” three or four times during the sales process. The key to success is being able to repair each connection in such a way that everyone comes out stronger.

Upfront preparation is paramount when bringing a business to market for sale.  Having the financials in order and having a deep understanding of the company at hand are key aspects of Lassiter’s process.  Years of experience have allowed him to impactfully predict, resolve, and answer many of the questions that buyers commonly ask.  It is this invaluable expertise that regularly means the difference between a successful transaction and a lost sale.  This detailed preparation reflects positively on the Seller and gives comfort to buyers that the company is both organized and trustworthy.

When not at work, Lassiter’s favorite thing is simply spending time with his wife and three kids.  Living in Florida, he has a wealth of activities to choose from and loves to take advantage of this as much as possible.

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