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Lenny Farber Business Broker

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Lenny Farber

Melville, NY

With nearly a decade of experience as an online business broker, I have represented every type of internet business and experienced nearly every sort of challenge. Therefore, I am well-versed in all sorts of businesses and deal structures and have the creative ability to problem solve. Additionally, I am always responsive to my clients needs and go out of my way to make each and every transaction smooth for them.

It is important to truly understand what is most important to the buyer and seller of each transaction. There are multiple aspects and variables to each deal and many times what is most important to a seller differs to what is most important to a buyer. Therefore, there are concessions that can be made on both sides that do not have to feel like a “zero-sum game”. I love managing a deal and especially the negotiation process, where I have been told by my clients that I excel.

I enjoy spending time with my family (have 3 kids) and have coached my boys’ basketball teams for many years. I also enjoy playing tennis and biking.  


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