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Paul Vartanian Business Broker

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Paul Vartanian

West Palm Beach, FL

Paul Vartanian is an experienced business man who brings his real-world know-how to every client he works with. Paul has experienced the excitement and challenges of opening, operating, selling, and buying businesses personally, and he uses that understanding to connect deeply with every deal on both the buy and sale sides.

Having started his own business from scratch, Paul can empathize with sellers on the difficulty of parting with something that you’ve put so much time and effort into. He also knows firsthand how important it is to find the right buyer. Having been on the other side before, Paul takes extra care when responding to and connecting with both buyers and sellers. making a point of addressing all concerns as quickly as possible.

Getting to know and understand what sellers and buyers are looking for, Paul asks the right questions to fully understand the seller’s and buyer’s motives. At the same time, he works to manage expectations in relation to the realities of the marketplace. With good reason, most sellers really care about who is buying their business, they want to be sure that this is the right buyer and that they will be successful after acquiring the business so that all their hard work doesn’t go to waste.

To him, being a broker is about helping sellers achieve their goal of selling the business that they’ve worked so hard to build. Meanwhile, it’s also helping buyers achieve their goal of acquiring the right business, perhaps for the first time.

When away from the office, Paul enjoys exercising at his favorite gym, mountain biking, traveling, and reading.

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