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Ron Matheson Business Broker

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Ron Matheson

Tampa, FL

Ron has over two decades of experience in buying and selling online companies. He is a pioneer in the industry and for several years was affiliated with the largest business brokerage in the world. Consistently in the Top 10 brokers in the country, Ron has won numerous awards and has earned a reputation as one of the top internet business brokers in the U.S.

His journey into business started in 1985 after he left UCLA Film School to launch his first business. Off The Wall was an Art and Framing Gallery in Colorado Springs which he opened that year. He successfully expanded operations into a retail chain of over 20 stores with locations in Denver, Las Vegas, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Maryland, and Florida. Along with Off The Wall, Ron owned many other stores including Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries, Dixies Hot Cinnabuns, and Bearly Camelot.

In 2002, Ron took a break from the business world to travel and play golf. The entrepreneur bug stayed with him, and in 2005 he attempted to get back into business making four offers to buy businesses. Those offers all failed in the due diligence stage. This sparked a realization that numerous brokers in the industry were inept at providing the level of service an experienced buyer would need. They didn’t properly understand the field of battle to prepare the buyer for making an offer. If he was ever going to purchase a business, he would need to become a broker himself. This led to the successful purchase of two companies, however, Ron found that he not only excelled as a broker but enjoyed the challenge of the process. The creation of his own brokerage firm took place shortly thereafter.

Part of his success was based on understanding that even the strongest leader surrounds themselves with talented, and knowledgeable people. By enlisting a team of professionals who were top in their fields, which includes Certified Public Accountants, Banking and Financial experts, Evaluation Companies, and Due Diligence Experts, Ron was able to rise to the top of the competitive internet business brokers field.

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