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Business valuations are not as simple as reviewing a company’s Financial Statements and developing a Multiple Strategy. If you try to put a value on a Tech or Internet Company in terms solely related to Earnings and Growth, you will leave money on the table when going to market. It’s critical that you work with a team that understands current trends in the marketplace, understands the Technology Sector and knows how to identify the features of your company that will place it in the best possible light to generate the highest Shareholder Value. While earnings are certainly important, and can at times be a large driver of deal multiples, bringing out the technological differences and features of a company, especially as it relates to its competitors, is just as important in driving up the value of a company as earnings.

While we are available to provide a third party valuation or appraisal of a Tech or Internet Company should the need arise, our primary focus is representing Target companies looking to Exit and Buying Entities looking to Acquire. So to this end, we have a team of experts that we work with on a daily basis, including certified third party valuation experts used by the largest lenders in the world, to provide a well-rounded approach to the value that should be placed on any given Technology or Internet Company.

Our unparalleled team of experts won’t just push a pile of appraisal papers in your direction and hope that you understand – we do things differently. We look at a business through the eyes of several industry-leading experts and work directly with you to not only create the very best vision of your company as an acquisition target, but we then sit down with you and explain the entire evaluation process from start to finish. This process is critical because as the business is prepared for and taken to market, Shareholders need to have a frame of reference for negotiation starting points. While maximizing purchase price is key, the business also can’t be over-valued, thus eroding the pool of potential buyers.

As a Shareholder in a Middle Market Company, if you are wondering what your company is worth, give ValleyBiggs a call for a consultation and valuation. Our methods are unlike our competition – we perform all of our work before we realize any earnings; thus, we make sure it’s right from the beginning. As a 100% Success-Based Firm, we take the risk out of the process for Entrepreneurs because if we don’t fully satisfy during the valuation and sales process, it cost the Entrepreneur nothing.

Our Valuations

Our Valuations are specific to the Tech & Internet M&A industry. We are only interested in these segments, so by focusing on them, our team is able to provide a well-rounded, highly reputable valuation for presentation to lenders, buying entities and investors. Our practice of calculating business value is based on using a variety of generally accepted valuation methods in conjunction with leaders in the business valuations industry. We take the opinions created by those valuators and combine them with our experience in the industry to create the best possible offering price.

We find that our appraisals are usually a very good starting point for deal making negotiations. By setting the tone of the valuation, up front, we create a frame of reference for all parties to use as the foundation for talks. We find that this puts our clients in a position to be successful at the beginning of a transaction because we are able to generally lead the direction of talks. And given our experience in the industry, not only on the M&A side, but also on the operations side, we are able to market and sell a company far better than most brokers and bankers. It’s simple – we know these companies from the inside out, and most brokers and bankers don’t have that luxury.

Published on: January 7th, 2015