Financing & Funding

Middle Market Deals

ValleyBiggs provides a broad range of financing and funding services to its clients, including growth capital sourcing to fund scale as well as acquisition financing to purchase existing middle market companies. We have a wide network of capital resources and expertise in structuring all types of securities at all levels on the balance sheet. Transactions include the placement of secured and unsecured senior debt, junior capital instruments and equity and equity-linked securities.

Our team primarily focuses on the representation of buyers and sellers in middle market acquisitions of Technology and Internet companies. While some buyers at the mid-market level are either already funded or have ample access to capital, there are many others that seek assistance in funding the acquisition of a mid-market website business.

If funding or financing is required in an M&A transaction, it can only be successful if funding is properly packaged for underwriters whereby an easy understanding of the business model, its financial picture and its operations are set forth. This is where ValleyBiggs shines – we aren’t your typical M&A firm or brokerage – we own and operate a large variety of websites ourselves, and thus, we are in the very best position to sell and arrange funding for the sale of an Internet company. Our packaging team has decades of experience in creating underwriting packages for banks, and this experience goes a long way towards explaining why ValleyBiggs debt deals are approved 98% of the time. This far outweighs our competition, who generally tend to shy away from difficult bank deals because they lack the experience, the network and the knowledge to get such a deal through a lender.

And whether a buyer or a seller of an Internet or Technology Company, if a funding source for any mid-market deal has yet to be identified, ValleyBiggs can help. We have a network of banks, private equity groups, venture capitalists and wealthy private investors that can be utilized to fund a deal. Over 95% of our deals are financed through this network, so it is a tried and true system. Very rarely do we look elsewhere to close our deals because our success has been within our own network.

Once a deal is structured between a target and a buying entity, if outside funding will be necessary for the deal, our team can put together a funding package to present to our network of lenders and investors. The deal is presented first to synergistic funding opportunities so that the process is not slowed down during the underwriting process. Once the deal is approved for funding, our team works directly with buyer, seller and the funding organization to bring the deal to a close. This level of hands-on assistance through the funding process is the key to our success, and yours.