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14 Year eCommerce Jewelry Brand – Amazon FBA as a Primary Sales Channel – Multiple Collections with over 300 SKUs

Asking Price $10,100,000
Gross Income $8,619,201
Cash Flow $2,351,995
Year Established 2008

ValleyBiggs® presents a unique opportunity to acquire a strong footing in the enormously profitable jewelry industry by taking ownership of an eCommerce Brand that provides its customers with a stunning array of individually branded, customized jewelry pieces. Since purchasing this 14-year-old business from its founder in 2019, the company has undergone an impressive expansion, creating five new, unique, and individually branded jewelry collections, adding more than 30 new jewelry pieces. This Sterling Silver stunner continues to scale on its Amazon platform, where sales are thriving.

With more than 300 SKUs and 60 additional products now in development, the brand’s opportunities to scale are strikingly obvious, especially since the team has everything they need to grow, from a team of designers and assemblers to strong supply relationships. Adding a substantial volume of SKUs while putting a major emphasis on customer service have played a major role in the company’s development, as has developing attractive and eye-catching packaging that is important in the gifting category.

Moving forward, this brand’s assets keep growing as the enterprise has established a profitable niche position in this field, which remains one of the most financially booming industries across the globe, with sales projected to reach a remarkable $480 billion by 2025. A review of their top assets helps paint a clearer picture of this brand’s immense strengths.

The brand follows a key trend in the jewelry industry. As one of the most ancient and enduring forms of personal expression, jewelry remains phenomenally profitable and historically recession proof, but it’s also a field that continues to adapt to changes that reflect shifting public tastes and interests. One of the clearest trends has been toward diversification, which has been a major contributor to this brand’s growth.

This company has more than a decade of experience in creating gifted jewelry items targeted to events and holidays throughout the year. That includes Sterling Silver and gold-filled pieces presented on a card inside the jewelry box with a sentimental and meaningful message. Customers love it. This has given the brand an exceptionally positive response from customers who feel they’re getting far more than they would by buying from a competitor, which adds enormous value to their purchase.

With most of their products ranging in price from $35 to $45, customers can quickly recognize the massive value they’re getting on their purchase.

The brand thrives on Amazon Since the company was purchased in 2019 and began their product expansion campaign, sales have risen from $3 million in 2018 to $8.6 million in 2021, limited almost entirely to Amazon, leaving all other avenues still open for targeting growth.

Formed initially to specialize in niche gift items that create an emotional connection between the buyer and the person receiving the gift, their Sterling Silver necklaces, bracelets and charms have appealed to an increasingly wide audience. Their primary focus has centered on  items that cater to special dates such as Easter, graduation ceremonies, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Sales grew steadily when the brand pivoted from its original Shopify site to Amazon.  The owners have since optimized every aspect of the Amazon platform, inventory management and product assembly but lack the marketing and ecommerce backgrounds to tackle selling on social media, through affiliates, B2B, etc.  A team with this experience could drive growth to record levels.

Today, the brand enjoys a 100% positive Lifetime Seller Rating on Amazon, a stunning accomplishment, and Amazon now makes up 96% of sales, with an additional 2% from their website and a rising percentage on Etsy.

Advertising is done for them. Among their 300+ SKUs, the brand has 50 best sellers, and with such a high Seller Rating, the company benefits phenomenally from word-of-mouth advertising. Customers who have helped give the brand a 5.0 Seller Rating on Amazon refer plenty of friends, family members, and coworkers to their site, driving up sales exponentially among these circles.

While the company has been able to shine on Amazon through PPC, and word of mouth referrals, there is no question that a more aggressive and comprehensive marketing campaign holds out massive potential for this company to send sales skyrocketing,

This brand’s years of experience give them impressive strengths that include wide name recognition, a highly profitable platform on Amazon, a stunningly high degree of customer satisfaction, and the ability to creatively design new products that become irresistible to their existing customer base. Those customers are only too happy to help spread the word about how good their products are.

Now enjoying sky-high revenues on products their customers love, the company instantly delivers to a buyer their high recurring revenues, and a talented and experienced team in place that understands what their customers want and how to keep that base coming back for more.

If you want a clearer picture of how profitable it would be to enter the field of jewelry, contact ValleyBiggs today for a more detailed look at the phenomenal opportunity available here.

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