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15 Year DTC Website – Offers Products in Apparel, Jewelry, Home Goods and Health & Beauty – 50% Repeat Order Rate – 30 Million Email Subscribers – 1 Million Monthly Visitors

Asking Price $6,000,000
Gross Income $13,505,869
Cash Flow $1,605,721
Year Established 2013

ValleyBiggs® presents a 15-year eCommerce Website operating on a highly valuable exact match domain and tradename. The company has mastered the art of Supply Chain and Logistics management and offers a wide variety of 500+ products, which are chosen based on internet trends that show in-demand consumer products. This process of choosing which products to sell, and when, is a valuable intangible that a buyer of this company will be educated on in order to continue to thrive and identify exactly the products consumers are searching for.

The niches that this company operates within are varied, from Apparel and Jewelry to Electronics, Home Goods and Health & Beauty. The team diligently researches internet trends to find the products that their customers desire and are currently trending in search. They have built a strong relationship within their suppliers, which gives them access to over 10,000 products, putting them in a great position to meet the strongest demands from their consumer base.

Alongside their affordable prices and the vast number of products that they’re able to offer their audience, they also strive to provide the best possible customer experience. Key Performance Indicators include a staggering 50% Repeat Customer Rate and 30 Million Email Subscribers, which proves that they are connecting well with their audience and providing them with the products they need at the prices they can afford.

The company hasn’t spent any time resting on their laurels through the years, instead making sure that they continue to find new customers through a meticulously crafted marketing campaign. They make use of their massive subscriber list through an email marketing campaign, which they combine with SMS, social media advertising, and a blog hosted on their website to bolster their organic flow of traffic. They also run ads on the Google and Bing search engines and work with a month-to-month marketing agency.

These efforts have proven fruitful, as they now see a remarkable monthly visitor rate of about 1 million visitors to their website.

The company uses a hybrid inventory model to manage their large number of products, and to great effect. 70% of their products are DropShipped, while the rest are stock. They require a roughly 5,000-square-foot warehouse to handle this remaining 30%, and they typically stock over 500 SKUs at a time. The company makes approximately 100 shipments every day.

Their top-selling products are their electronics, jewelry, and home goods. The nature of their bestsellers has contributed to their sales being strongest in Q4, where customers are most likely to be doing their holiday shopping for their families and other loved ones.

Though operations and their product roster have been honed through the decade and a half since they were established, the buyer will find that there are plenty of opportunities waiting for them to use. Some of the most effective ways that a new owner could build upon the foundation laid out for them are through their marketing campaign, which, while polished enough to lead to their million or so monthly viewers, can be further optimized for far greater results. They could improve both their paid advertising and email marketing to make them more productive, and, from there, pursue new advertising tactics such as affiliate marketing. They could also drive content creation on their blog and on social media to bolster their organic traffic, with the former being a great tool that a savvy buyer can use to improve their website’s overall SEO for higher search rankings.

They could also partner with new suppliers and vendors to further expand their product roster, giving them even more affordable products to offer their buyers.

This is a flourishing eCommerce brand that has grown with the knowledge that the way to a customer’s heart is through their wallet. They make highly desirable products more accessible to the average customer through their discounts and deals, which, along with their great customer service, has given them an avid audience that frequents their product roster. This is a great opportunity for an entrepreneur who knows their way around the world of digital marketing and can apply their skills to make this incredible offering truly soar.

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