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Amazon FBA eCommerce Brand offering American Made Pet Food – $1.5M in Recurring Subscribe & Save Revenue – 30% YOY Subscriber Growth – 34% Repeats

Asking Price $6,000,000
Gross Income $4,678,746
Cash Flow $1,195,177
Year Established 2016

ValleyBiggs® presents a Pet Food Brand that is thriving via Amazon FBA, providing healthy, all-natural single-ingredient dog bones and nutritious treats. Primarily leveraging the expansive reach of Amazon’s platform, the brand’s products prioritize pet health and well-being while offering owners a level of trust and transparency often lacking in a market saturated with low-quality products and untrustworthy ingredients. 

Key Performance Indicators

The company boasts impressive value propositions that underscore its steady growth and strategic success. 

Consistent income, a crucial metric for any business, stands as a testament to this brand’s stability and customer loyalty. A significant portion of revenue is derived from subscription customers, contributing to a dependable cash flow. Over the past year, over $1.5 million has been generated in Subscribe & Save revenue, and an impressive 30% year-over-year subscription growth demonstrates the company’s ability not only to retain but also to increase its subscriber base progressively.

Regarding customer engagement and advertising efficiency, the brand excels in traffic and conversions. Product listings unfailingly attract a high volume of views with a TACoS of less than 6%, indicating that marketing investments reliably yield excellent returns.

Profit per unit is another vital KPI where management has achieved tremendous success. All SKUs produce strong margins, reflecting an efficient business model where costs are effectively managed while delivering quality products. Sales remain steady throughout the year, with a healthy peak in Q4. 

The volume of reviews on Amazon and their consistently high ratings corroborates product quality and customer satisfaction. Positive feedback and high ratings have helped attract new customers while retaining existing ones.

Domestic Supply Chain & Product Superiority

Notably, the quantity of inventory maintained at Amazon FBA Facilities is optimal owing to streamlined supply chain management. With approximately $315,000 (roughly 60 days’) worth of stock consistently maintained at Amazon facilities, the company exhibits a well-orchestrated logistics process. Regular replenishment, facilitated by weekly orders and short lead times, ensures that they meet customer demand proficiently and avoid stockouts. This approach contributes to overall business success by optimizing inventory turnover and minimizing holding costs.

This company’s mission is at the heart of its success, and the dedicated team is committed to delivering on this mission of providing customers with simple, clean, and natural pet products they can trust. A key factor is their commitment to quality sourcing. They exclusively use free-range, grass-fed cattle as the single source ingredient for all products. This dedication to sourcing from the USA ensures transparency and traceability in their supply chain. Customers enjoy peace of mind, knowing exactly where their pet’s nutrition originates while supporting local agriculture.

The added benefit of these products being odor-free is a testament to management’s focus on customer satisfaction. This feature enhances the overall pet ownership experience by keeping homes clean and pleasant smelling.

Furthermore, the commitment to “All Natural” is a significant selling point. With only one ingredient and no additives or questionable fillers, their products align with the growing demand for clean, minimally processed pet food. This ingredient transparency appeals to discerning pet owners prioritizing their pets’ health and well-being.

The partnership with a US manufacturer who compiles orders at the required quantities exclusively for the brand ensures quality control throughout production.

The company’s digital marketing strategy primarily leverages PPC advertising on Amazon. Over the past year, management has also conducted experiments to channel blog traffic to their Amazon listings using the Amazon attribution tag. These efforts have yielded remarkable success and will enable a buyer to tap into the established blueprint, ensuring consistent brand growth.


The owner endures a light workload of fewer than five hours weekly, focusing on leading, managing, and holding supporting team members accountable. Those team members encompass a VA in charge of customer support and inventory management and an outsourced Amazon agency that handles most day-to-day tasks. 


The prospect of scaling this successful business is enticing and the company is already growing well with a strong CAGR in place since 2020. Further scale can be achieved through numerous methods, such as omnichannel expansion, aggressive social media marketing campaigns, influencer partnerships, and introducing complementary products to the portfolio. 

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