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Award Winning Software Development Firm – Designs & Develops Customized Data Platforms for International Organizations – 100% YOY Growth – Top 25 Global Company

Asking Price $5,500,000
Gross Income $1,404,357
Cash Flow $1,020,257
Year Established 2016

ValleyBiggs® introduces a software development company, specializing in designing and developing bespoke data management and data analytical platforms for international organizations (UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, UN Women, etc.) around the globe.

The realm of Customized Data Platforms and Solutions, Data Management and Analytics, and Software Application Development Services plays a pivotal role in today’s global landscape. These services are in high demand across various sectors, and this company has proven itself as a formidable competitor, securing a place among the Top 25 most valuable Data Science Companies globally.

Customized Data Platforms and Solutions encompass the creation and implementation of systems tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of organizations. These platforms facilitate efficient data collection, storage, processing, and analysis, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and glean valuable insights. The demand for customized data platforms continues to rise as organizations increasingly recognize the significance of data-driven decision-making for maintaining competitiveness.

Data Management and Analytics services are indispensable for effectively handling and analyzing vast volumes of data. They involve the organization and structuring of data, ensuring its quality and security, and employing diverse analytical techniques to extract meaningful insights. With the exponential growth of data, businesses require sophisticated solutions for data management and analytics to derive actionable intelligence from their information assets.

Software application development services are vital in constructing customized solutions that align with specific business needs. The demand for software application development is anticipated to surge as businesses embrace digital transformation strategies.

This company and its team have adeptly met this demand, priding themselves on their agile operations. They have embraced agile principles and practices to drive business growth, fostering a collaborative environment where teamwork and effective communication are highly valued.

Cross-functional teams bring together individuals with diverse expertise, allowing the business to leverage the collective knowledge and skills of all team members for optimal project outcomes. Operations are customer-centric, actively involving clients in the development process, soliciting their feedback and insights at every stage to ensure that solutions align with customer expectations and drive mutual success.

Change is embraced as an opportunity for growth and innovation rather than resisted, positioning the company at the forefront of the industry. The business operates in various markets, including Not for Profit organizations, United Nations Agencies (UNICEF, UNDP, WHO, UNFPA, UN Women), and Governments.

Moreover, the company’s expertise in public sector needs, long-term agreements, and a proven track record have solidified its authority in this vertical. Contracts range from ongoing to one-time services, with an average duration of six months and an average contract size of $78,000. The customer base spans UN agencies, NGOs, governments, academia, healthcare firms, and public sector organizations, with potential expansion into the private sector.

Notably, new ownership could expand and diversify the business by offering additional services, including:

Training and Workshops: Developing educational programs and workshops to empower clients in data visualization best practices, data storytelling techniques, and maximizing the value of the tools.

Data Visualization Strategy Consulting: Providing strategic consulting services to help clients develop comprehensive data visualization strategies aligned with their organizational objectives.

Storytelling and Reporting: Offering services beyond visualization by assisting clients in effectively communicating insights through compelling visual narratives.

Integration and Interoperability Solutions: Strengthening offerings by assisting clients in integrating existing systems and databases with visualization solutions.

Exploring the creation of a SaaS data visualization platform could also open up a new and substantial revenue stream.

Looking ahead, the future of this industry appears promising as the volume of data generated continues to grow, driving the demand for sophisticated data management and analytics solutions. Additionally, the need for customized software applications tailored to unique business requirements remains high as companies strive for agility and competitiveness.

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