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Children’s Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Healthcare Products Consumer Brand – Manufacturer & B2B Sales – 18 Years in Business

Asking Price $8,500,000
Gross Income $19,157,389
Cash Flow $2,642,155
Year Established 17

ValleyBiggs® presents an 18-year-old eCommerce brand that has become a reliable source of kid-friendly healthcare for families everywhere. Dual-channel B2B and DTC, and with 16 active SKUs, the brand appeals to a wide range of consumers with a variety of needs and preferences.

Additionally, their products are pediatrician-friendly, non-toxic, and earth-friendly, which puts them at an advantage among an increasingly health and eco-conscious customer base. All these factors have led to an incredible business that is throwing off more than $2.6M in Profit in the Trailing Twelve Months, and was recognized as #346 on the 2021 Inc 500 List … a list of the fastest growing private companies in the United States.

Well situated within the Medical and Mass Retail verticals, the company’s products are largely manufactured within the USA, and consist of first aid kits, boxed bandages, ice packs, baby wipes and much more. These products allow parents to take a more proactive role in the health of their children and themselves.

Not only do they help parents tend to their children’s scrapes, bruises, and sicknesses, but items such as their gloves, masks, and wipes help prevent illness. Additionally, the kid-friendly appearances of the products set them apart from the sterile, no-nonsense look of many other products on the market.

In the past, while their first-aid kits and ice packs sold well year-round, the brand generally saw its highest sales in the spring to early-fall seasons. This is no longer the case, as not only are other products — such as gloves, masks, and sanitizers — selling just as well as their top earners, but sales in general have expanded throughout the fall and winter months.

This reflects a desire among increasingly health-conscious families to prepare for the cold and flu season, and to stay in the best possible health throughout the year.

The brand has made a name for itself within the niche field of parents with small children, though it has found the most success among mothers. These customers have done a great deal in spreading word about the company through word-of-mouth referrals, and, as such, it could grow its customer base exponentially by further targeting this demographic.

This also represents a great scale option. The company could start an affiliate program with mom bloggers and influencers on social media, and, through them, share special deals and product information to draw in consumer interest.

They could also build on their own social media presence. While the brand does have some social media accounts, there is ample opportunity to ramp up their social media marketing campaigns. Platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, which are often used by mothers with young children, would be ideal in building and maintaining a loyal audience.

The brand already has an Instagram page with more than 22,000 followers, giving any new buyers a fantastic starting point to build upon.

Another way that the company could grow its customer base is by expanding upon their SKU line. New products could be made to target not just young children, but children in general, encouraging families to keep buying from this company even as their little ones start growing up.

New and more diverse product lines also have the potential of expanding the company’s customer demographic, or at the very least strengthening what they already have.

The brand would also benefit from developing an optimized SEO strategy for its products, as they currently lack one.

They could also drive more direct traffic to the website by developing an active posting schedule for their on-site blog, and by taking advantage of the impressive 16,000+ subscribers in their email database.

The company could develop a newsletter that shares information on pediatric wellness, upcoming deals and promotions, and other news relevant to the company and its following as  a way to increase customer engagement.

A valuable advantage of this brand is they have a diverse number of revenue channels. They’re partnered with multiple big box retailers, such as Target, Walmart, and Office Depot, with most of these clients having been associated with the company for a decade or more.

Their 30+ suppliers allows them to offer quick shipping and deliver to both these clients and customers alike, along with top-notch customer service.

However, as with everything, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Though they have a strong following on Amazon, enjoying a 4.6 Seller Rating on the platform, their listings are limited and would benefit from more attention and manpower. They could also expand onto other popular eCommerce platforms, and, from there, develop a stronger international outreach.

There is massive potential to strengthen the brand’s outreach in the wholesale market. Salespeople could be used to market to small businesses, hospitals, and pediatric offices, which would, along with being valuable clientele, introduce the products to more families. Seeing the brand’s products within a professional setting would strengthen the brand’s reputation for delivering high quality and trustworthy products and bring in more customers as a result.

Their reputation is also helped by the fact that the company dedicates themselves to good causes. On top of being environmentally friendly, the brand openly partners with various nonprofit organizations to give back to the community.

These partnerships help the brand provide work to disabled individuals, putting them primarily in warehouse and product assembly roles. People with disabilities are often overlooked for employment opportunities, so the company’s efforts give these individuals a chance they would likely struggle to find otherwise.

The current owners, a husband-and-wife team, are willing to help the transition become considerably easier for the buyer by staying on post-acquisition. This business would be even easier to operate by bringing on new employees to help manage the workload, which would not only free up more time for the new owner, but pave the way for further company growth.

The market for at-home medical and sanitary products is going strong and is only projected to grow stronger. The acquisition, with its excellent reputation, existing customer base, and high-value clients, represents in the perfect place to take advantage of this skyrocketing demand. If you’d like to hear more about this business and its remarkable amount of scale potential, contact ValleyBiggs today.  Our brokers are waiting to hear from you.

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