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eCommerce Brand in Kids Outdoor Recreational Products – Massive YOY Growth – $330 AOV – Strong Influencer Network in Place – Amazon & DTC Sales Channels

Asking Price $20,000,000
Gross Income $21,482,081
Cash Flow $4,326,877
Year Established 2021

ValleyBiggs® presents an eCommerce Brand that offers Trampolines & Trampoline Accessories on Amazon.com (85%) and its Branded Website (15%). The company’s Amazon listings have thousands of strong reviews, proving the value and premium their customers are receiving by choosing this brand over others. The Brand ranks on Page 1 of Amazon for most industry keywords, and that real estate position alone makes this a high value target worth a deep dive by investors. Combine this rank with their 124% 3-year CAGR (Profit) and you’ve found yourself an eCommerce Business that is not only thriving, but ready to accelerate into additional growth modalities.

The Company

Within the last few years, this brand has become known as a reliable provider of trampolines in various sizes, colors, and configurations, and are also safe for the whole family to use to get their dose of fun.

They operate off both their Amazon (marketplace) and Shopify (DTC) storefronts and have grown rapidly in part due to the enthusiastic reviews their products have received over the years. They have earned an Amazon’s Choice Badge for industry leading keywords and have an Average Order Value of $330.

Their product roster is the category leader for safety and quality and  is manufactured for them based on their own designs.  They make sure to place a strong emphasis on customer service to provide their buyers with the best experience possible. They have put in the work to develop their branding and they have built a sturdy network of relationships with their manufacturers. Importantly, they have also used social media platforms to better connect with their audience as they grow.

Products & Operations

The company sources their products from two trusted manufacturers, who utilize this company’s trademarked brand and manufacture products to the company’s specific technical and design details and ensure the highest possible quality. They make sure to place a strong emphasis on safety and use premium materials to achieve that end. These trampolines are then sold under their brand name.

Their key customer demographic consists of parents between the ages of 25 and 46, who are interested in bonding with their family and looking for fun activities to bring them and their children closer together. They are also often frequented by young mothers worried about their children’s health and are trying to find products that won’t put them at risk. Their sales often peak between March and August and tend to spike around Black Friday and Christmas.

The company has grown to offer 19 SKUs spread across various sizes, color variations, and pole configurations, and they now ship up to 200 products every day. Demand for their products is so high that they maintain up to $2 million in inventory to keep up with sales. 

Amazon is their Focus

The brand has used Seller Central to establish a thriving presence on their Amazon storefront, which now accounts for 85% of their total sales. Their product packages have been designed specifically to fit Fulfillment by Amazon shipments and are made with the lowest package dimensions possible. They also utilize PPC on the website to advertise their products to new products, attracting more potential customers to their brand.

Amazon isn’t the company’s only storefront, as they also launched their own Branded Website using the Shopify Platform in June 2022. They put their excellent digital marketing techniques to good use to draw customers to this site as well, using PPC ads on Google and clever social media marketing to bring their unique monthly visitor rate to over 20,000. This storefront now represents 15% of their total sales, and the company is working to bring that number up to 30%.

A buyer can grow the sales channel side of the business by listing their SKUs on additional eCommerce marketplaces like Walmart, Target, Dicks … or by utilizing Amazon’s international storefronts to establish a presence in Canada and across Europe. As the company currently exclusively sells in the US, this would be a fantastic move to make to advance their growth and all the hard work has already been completed to make this happen. This hasn’t been a focus of late due to the company dealing with the massive demand on the channels where they already operate.

Their strong social media channels could be used to bring attention to these new storefronts as well. They have over 268,000 views on their YouTube channel, which can be used to drive even more traffic to their website. They have also run numerous influencer campaigns, some of which have been on Amazon and their Instagram page, offering free products to influencers in exchange for publicity. This can be much more fully developed, along with an Affiliate Program, using a CPA model.

Ready for New Ownership

The company is incredibly turnkey in structure, with the current owner needing as little as 10 hours per week to manage operations even as they work to scale the brand. Their daily tasks are handled by their skilled team, which consists of a full-time operations manager, branding manager, customer service manager, and PPC manager. The owner is excited to work as necessary to transition the business to new ownership and to watch the brand continue to proliferate over time.

In Summary

The trampoline market has shown itself to be very promising, especially through eCommerce companies such as this one. The global market for trampolines was valued at $3 billion in 2021, and in the US alone, sat at about $1.3 billion. These numbers are expected to grow to $3.9 billion by 2026.

Though eCommerce has played a significant role in market growth, the trampoline industry has also been rising due to more families taking an interest in fun, healthy activities that they and their children can share. A trampoline is often seen as a great way to get kids out of the house and into the backyard for some fresh air and exercise.

Trampolines also, unsurprisingly, see strong demand from businesses that operate trampoline parks. These parks have become increasingly popular for the same reason that individual trampolines have, as they are often an affordable way for customers of all walks of life to get out and have a grand time jumping about. To meet their standards of high-quality, safe, and durable trampolines, families and park managers alike often find themselves turning to companies such as this one.

This company has grown significantly since they were launched, seeing great monthly profits, high brand awareness, and customers that are satisfied enough to recommend their products to their loved ones and peers. As the trampoline industry continues to skyrocket, this acquisition will bounce alongside it, with their clever marketing strategies and fantastic branding giving the buyer great opportunities to scale. And make no mistake about it – this was not some Pandemic-Era darling – this company continues to expand today with a great deal of continued growth expansion projected for this and next year.

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