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SaaS Business – B2B Lead Generation via LinkedIn Automation – 500+ Clients – Strong ARR & Customer LTV – Low CAC – Strong Team in Place

Asking Price $5,200,000
Gross Income $1,309,751
Cash Flow $713,040
Year Established 2016

ValleyBiggs® presents a thriving SaaS Platform that has become a market leader in its space. This Tech Company is focused on providing its growing list of clients with products and services to engage with and acquire B2B customers. And the stickiness of this Software as a Service concept is clearly astonishing given their 74:1 LTV/CAC ratio and a growing recurring revenue base. This business is priced at market based on a multiple of ARR, which is clearly strong and growing given its LTV/CAC ratio.

The Company

With a relentless focus on client experience, the well respected and highly knowledgeable team behind this business offers intensive content, targeting, analysis, and optimization guidance. A blend of innovative technology, data analysis, and expert insights into human psychology and behavior drives their approach.

The flagship offering is a LinkedIn automation product recognized as an industry authority. This, along with unconventional channels, empowers companies to reach their target audience effectively. The business has recently beta-released additional advertising products and is on the verge of launching a new one catering to different market segments.

The founders have a proven track record of success, having grown a product from zero to 150 million users in just five years with no budget. The company’s experience spans growth-hacking tools, microcopy, emotional response analysis, and more … all informed by behavioral data from tens of millions of interactions.

The Platform

With top B2B agency service-level offerings, advanced technology, and invaluable B2B data at a fraction of traditional costs, the aim is to become an essential product and service in the niche. A comprehensive approach and unique expertise make them a standout choice for those looking to win in the B2B space.

Advanced front and backend systems are in use and are not reliant on LinkedIn API. All actions are automated and simulate a real person. The sellers will gladly share extensive IP, trade secrets, and know-how during due diligence after a serious buyer signs a letter of intent.

Another aspect compelling client satisfaction is the business’s unparalleled customer service, which has been prioritized since its inception. Clients report any issue via the chat box on the Web app, after which it is quickly routed to the specific department or owner. The issue is resolved immediately by a customer success manager or, if technical, by a developer.

Revenue is driven by direct clients, accounting for 83% of annual recurring revenue, complemented by 16% from partners and the remaining 1% through managed services.

All contracts are structured in a recurring monthly fashion, and in some instances, clients pay in advance for the entire year, incentivized by a discount. Therefore, no seasonality in revenue is experienced, resulting in healthy cash flow and simplified allocation of human resources. The average revenue per account per month in the last year from all existing clients is $1,103.

Lead generation is primarily achieved using the company’s own product, supplemented by retargeting on Facebook. Management has engaged the services of a PPC agency and will begin working with them in the coming weeks.

Although the business serves numerous larger corporations, the target market is tech companies in high growth mode with between 11 and 200 employees. They are primarily startups after series A funding, with a critical need to generate sales and growth.

Enticingly for a buyer, the operation is highly profitable and requires no external capital injection.

Human Resources

The two owners run day-to-day operations, handling various tasks.

One works around 14 hours weekly, focusing chiefly on addressing questions from the team, following up on sales and inquiries, and reviewing the system’s health with the development team. He also liaises with HR, accounting, and customer service teams and works on new projects.

The other dedicates approximately 7 hours weekly, assisting with some of the above responsibilities and weekly meetings with each department, one-on-one sessions with key employees, and innovative work. He also spends time on stats, analysis, KPIs, administrative, financial, and legal tasks.

A highly adept staff of approximately 14 works across key departments. These comprise front and backend development, QA, and customer success, sales, and marketing.

Most of these dedicated employees have been with the company for many years. By selecting top senior professionals from multiple countries, they’ve managed to optimize their payroll expenses while ensuring they have top talent working for them.

An ideal buyer should possess a growth hacking mindset and have experience with SaaS to enjoy continued profitability and proliferation.

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