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SBA Pre-Qualified Online Coaching & Professional Development Company – Strong YOY Growth for 5 Straight Years – 60% Margins

Asking Price $6,650,000
Gross Income $3,290,407
Cash Flow $2,022,867
Year Established 2018

ValleyBiggs® presents a thriving online company designed to teach clients how to grow their online coaching businesses organically. With a strong focus on authenticity, integrity, and profitable business models, management aims to bring these principles back into style within the online coaching industry.

Since inception, the team has been dedicated to helping its clients build sustainable and profitable businesses that align with their values. The company understands the importance of creating a business that goes beyond work and allows entrepreneurs to have a fulfilling life while serving their audience effectively.

One of the key aspects of its approach is the belief in the power of community. By encouraging business owners to surround themselves with like-minded and driven online coaches, the company fosters an environment where momentum rubs off, and actionable ideas are shared. This collaborative atmosphere leads to achievable goals and meaningful growth.

Management also emphasizes the significance of effective marketing strategies. The company teaches business owners to stand out, gain trust with their audience and clients, and achieve long-lasting results. By implementing these strategies, entrepreneurs can grow their businesses predictably and generate sales rapidly.

The company has worked with clients in a variety of online coaching categories, including mindset, life, spirituality, finances, relationships, and commerce. While the wellness market accounts for the largest share of revenue, the owner has expanded beyond the niche and has witnessed excellent results. The introductory course focuses on various practical strategies, making it applicable to a broad spectrum of sectors. The robust, proven system presents immense scale possibilities.

This business provides a wide range of service levels. The most popular course, which accounts for twothirds of income, costs around $6,000 for four months. Monthly coaching costs $1,000 and accounts for nearly a third of earnings. It requires a minimum subscription of six months, with multiple customers continuing for many years. The programs’ efficacy results in a low churn rate and a healthy repeat purchase rate.

The company has averaged 100% year-over-year revenue growth over the past three years and shows no signs of slowing down. There are over 200 active, paying customers at the moment, with around 30 new participants joining monthly. A typical client is an online coach with a new business, or an existing business owner looking to hit new levels in earnings. They may have prior coaching experience or be new to the job. In any case, they want to establish an online business or have unsuccessfully attempted to do so. Their goal is to build a highly profitable business in as little time as possible.

Revenue and lead generation are primarily driven by social media, with supplementary approaches such as email marketing, referral programs, and some affiliate marketing. They all positively affect one another, resulting in a powerful matrix of ongoing lead generation, audience fostering, and an array of possibilities for conversion.

Client referrals are rewarded with cash back, and an affiliate who presents clients on a monthly basis earns a stipend. The monthly ad budget is around $50,000 and yields at least a 100% immediate return on investment, with considerably more generated in the longer term. The company nurtures its extensive email database frequently throughout the month. All of them are optins from social media and a few other sources. As a result, they are previous or current customers, or they are incredibly viable potential consumers.

This business has flourished significantly using the initial expansion plan and always making incremental changes to refine operations. The brand constantly expands its social media following and visibility and grows its email list. It has recently extended into multiple variants of online coaching. The structure is organized around daily, weekly, and quarterly goals.

The owner built the processes and strategy based on personal business-building experience. Still, extraordinarily precise SOPs and well-organized procedures have been put in place. Therefore, the information may be passed on to others quickly. The systems are straightforward, reproducible, and yield reliable results.

This business is primed for continued success and growth under capable new stewardship. The existing owner is motivated to ensure that and is willing to stay on in a long-term capacity to assist a buyer.

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