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Soaring eCommerce Brand in the Outdoor Sporting Goods Vertical – Dominate Leader in its Subcategory on Amazon – $330 AOV – R&D in Process for New Products – 81% YOY Growth

Asking Price $20,000,000
Gross Income $21,421,094
Cash Flow $4,488,829
Year Established 2021

ValleyBiggs® presents a premium eCommerce Brand providing families with plenty of outdoor fun with their catalog of Recreational Home Trampolines, and this business stands out because it is not a generic brand, but one with specialized products.

Sales of their products have taken off on Amazon, which now represents 85% of their profits. The company has attracted more than 2,500+ positive reviews from satisfied customers. With a $330 Average Order Value on their proprietary products that come with enhanced safety designs, the company is busy launching multiple new products in 2023 after their year-over-year growth exceeded their expectations.

One of the company’s strengths has been the creative use of social media to attract buyers and engage with their audience. Their video marketing on YouTube, showing the fun and excitement of using their trampolines, has attracted 268,000+ views, which built up a lot of enthusiasm for their product. With the company now shipping 200 products a day, it’s clear their digital marketing has contributed significantly to its overall success.

This company has successfully marketed itself as a fun-for-everyone company, creating trampolines that become an ideal way for their entire family to spend time together. It’s worked, and many of their buyers say they got a recommendation from family and friends who have already bought from them.

Those customers are providing enthusiastic praise for not just their products but also how sturdy and safely designed and manufactured they are, plus the company’s strong emphasis on helping customers. With trampolines that are designed with a safety net to protect everybody inside it, this brand has gone well beyond what traditional trampoline manufacturers offer and are exceeding their customers’ expectations.

Their products are also popular for serving another key benefit for parents. In addition to being fun, trampolines require kids and adults alike to be physical and can help them stay active – and fit. A lot of parents are concerned that their kids spend too much time playing video games or on their laptops, and they’re eager to see their kids get outdoors and be active. These trampolines fit that bill.

The trampoline industry is flourishing right now, worth $429 million in 2022 and projected to reach $661.6 million by 2029, a 6.3% growth rate. Trampoline parks are thriving as recreational facilities that attract families in large numbers, but home trampolines are doing solid business as well. Parents love them because they fit seamlessly on their lawns, offering fun activities with added health benefits. This has become an easier and easier sell for families across the U.S.

This brand has been successfully riding that wave to higher and higher profits.

Launched in 2021, this eCommerce shop has built up brand recognition within this niche space by focusing on the use of high-quality materials, enhanced safety for their SKUs, and attractive designs. They have continued to expand their catalog and now offer 19 products available in different sizes, color variations, and pole configurations. The company continues expanding, focusing now on smaller indoor trampolines, and ones designed specifically for fitness.

The company sources its products from two suppliers and is now launching automated production lines to facilitate future growth. Their products are manufactured according to their specific technical and design details and sold under their brand name. Several of their SKUs have become top sellers, and to keep up with demand the company maintains up to two million in inventory at their 3PL so they can provide same-day shipping through Fulfillment By Amazon.

While sales do well throughout the year, the company enjoys peak sales periods in the spring and summer from March to August, and then again on Black Friday and Christmas, when profits soar.

While the company markets products on its Shopify website, Amazon remains its main sales platform, making up to 85% of its gross revenue. Their products appeal to parents between the age of 25-46, with young mothers often citing their improved safety controls as a major factor in their decision to buy from them. Other buyers cite how appealing these trampolines are as an activity for the entire family. The company enjoys strong daily sales and monthly profits, with a heightened brand awareness and a strong level of customer satisfaction, as demonstrated by their reviews.

Amazon has been a strong platform for them because they can take advantage of that eCommerce giant’s internal marketing including PPC ads to attract more customers. The company also runs ads on Google, and they have expanded their marketing to include influencer campaigns on Amazon and their Instagram account, offering free products and a percentage of the sale to their influencers. The company has been expanding to include local celebrities as influencers, specifically young, fit moms with children aged 5 to 15 who can attest to how well their products promote physical fitness.

Their organic traffic is generated through their social media accounts, a website fully optimized for SEO, and email marketing to 4,000 subscribers in their email database. Now generating 20,000+ unique monthly visits on their website, their marketing is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

This business would not represent a major time commitment to a buyer, since the current ownership works as little as 10 hours per week, focusing mainly on growth opportunities. Daily operations are handled by a team of full-time employees including an Operations Manager, Branding Manager, Customer Service Manager, and PPC Manager.

With its solid branding and uniquely designed products, this company is not resting on its past success and has transitioned into growth mode as the trampoline market gets stronger. For a buyer, this is a company poised to stay ahead of the competition, with an innovative marketing strategy, and the potential for significant future growth.

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