Selling Online Ecommerce Website Business

Are you ready to sell your company?

ValleyBiggs is an M&A business broker with nearly 20 years of selling online businesses, tech companies, websites, Amazon companies, media companies, and much more. If you are an entrepreneur and you’re ready to sell a tech company or website, ValleyBiggs can help you through the process, and make no mistake, the process is fraught with obstacles, murky waters and possible deal breakers. Selling an online business or tech company is something that is best left to the professionals, and ValleyBiggs is an experienced professional working with middle market companies with gross annual sales between $5 million and $500 million. We work within a particular niche – website, tech and digital media companies – which leverages us to be one of the best places to sell a business online.

We Make the Process Easier

Selling your online business is not always the easiest decision. The business has no doubt brought you joy, it’s brought you heartache, but it’s always been yours and, like a child, the fruits of your labor run deep. ValleyBiggs knows well that sometimes, emotions can be attached to this business. We also know full well how to alleviate and mollify both sides of the negotiation table so that emotions and passions don’t succeed, which, we all know, can lead to poor decision making.

What really sets ValleyBiggs apart from the rest is our team of expert professionals that are always there to assist and guide clients through the process. You wouldn’t walk into a room with thousands, sometimes millions of dollars at stake without a team of experts behind you, would you? Certainly not. And because ValleyBiggs has been selling websites, Internet Companies and Technology Companies we have accrued a team that has seen every nuance, every glitch, every possible setback. What comes from this is not just experience, but the know-how in overcoming these obstacles so that the end result is not only flawless, it’s profitable.

We Provide Best in Class Services

Providing best in class business intermediary services to our clients helps ValleyBiggs ensure the maximum profit available from the M&A process. In order to put ourselves and our clients in a position to be successful during the process, we first dive deep into the company and its operations to truly learn the company’s value propositions for a suitor, how the company works, what makes it special, and what can be highlighted in the marketing / sale process. This time is also spent determining if any turnaround work needs to be done within the company, so that, in the end, the best results are achieved at the closing table.

This process also assists both us and the client in understanding the best possible time to take the business to market. In other words, when would be the best time to sell this company so that all of the client’s needs are met, and we successfully achieve the very highest selling multiple at sale? For the most part, the timing on when to market an ecommerce website, tech or Internet company becomes apparent after a complete and thorough analysis. A strategy will then be developed, discussed with the client, and ultimately excited by our team of experts.

The strategy will allow the company’s shareholders to meet all of their normal day to day objectives, while allowing ValleyBiggs to focus on marketing and closing the deal. If the sale is made too early, there is quite likely going to be money left on the table, so this part of the process is imperative for future success. Maximizing shareholder value is one of the keys to a successful exit strategy and when you enlist Valley Biggs to help you sell your tech business, you are ensuring that you will get the best returns for your ongoing efforts.

Processes that Lead to Success

What else does the team at ValleyBiggs do to ensure success for their clients during the selling process? We create a professional marketing package so that the client’s company can be put in the best possible light in the marketplace, without which, the company might be sitting lackluster among a heap of other mediocre purchase potentials. ValleyBiggs also strives to understand and document the client’s objectives, both pre and post-sale, so that we can integrate these objectives into our strategies.

Additionally, after the marketing collateral is created, ValleyBiggs utilizes its worldwide resources to make the company available on a large number of International platforms, as well as ValleyBiggs’ own VIP list, which is made up of tens of thousands of Private Equity Groups, Wealthy Individuals, Fortune 1000 companies, Capital Groups, Venture Capital, and many more. When it comes to selling a technology, Internet, Media or Website Company, everybody in the industry knows ValleyBiggs and what they stand for – and because of this outstanding awareness and connectivity to the marketplace, ValleyBiggs is the best place to sell a digital company.

Another crucial step that Valley Biggs takes when it’s time to sell a company is to interview the company’s major stakeholders and develop a detailed list of FAQ’s. In doing so, the client’s time in front of potential buyers can be greatly minimized.

If you are interested in selling an online business, ValleyBiggs has the experience, the wisdom, knowledge and industry know-how to help you obtain maximum profits from a smooth and seamless transaction.