Software & Application
Mergers and Acquisitions

Software and App M&A deal activity continues to be as hot as ever. As software, application and IT M&A specialists who have worked with specialists in these sectors for years, we are a definitive authority in this space. We’ve built a business approach that constantly grows its valuable knowledgebase, extends its global reach, and sets the industry standard for team quality.

Executing successful IT and software M&A transactions can be difficult, thus requiring a team of the right professionals to do it properly. And while there are a lot of investment bankers and other groups that work to sell mid-market software companies, there’s very few that have also sat in the chairman’s chair having owned and operated middle market companies in the tech sector – that’s where we are different. And selling these companies is a full time job, requiring a range of specialized skills, so it’s important that business owners pick the right firm to put them in the best possible position to be successful. ValleyBiggs is that firm.

Business owners need to drive sales, maintain momentum and keep their attention on running the business. They can’t afford to lose momentum and value while pursuing the sale of their business. Further, the most successful M&A transactions are those where good planning and careful preparation are combined with proper positioning and thorough, professional execution from initial contact, to final close. So the best way to maintain momentum and focus on core competencies while trying to pursue the sale of a company is to utilize a brokerage that specializes in this space, has zero to no learning curve, and can take the ball and run with it without needing to be guided or hand-held through the process. This is the ValleyBiggs difference.

And with respect to the marketplace, we are increasingly encouraged by the near-record deal volume we’re seeing in this sector, and we continue to see the transformational big ticket deals continue to thrive. These deals continue to be driven by the ever-increasing acceleration of change based on the largest transformative technology megatrends in mobile, cloud, social, big data analytics and accelerated technology adaptation. And each of these megatrends foster great possibilities, such as the Internet of Things.

ValleyBiggs has a proven and detailed transaction process, and that process, combined with our power-packed team of advisors, will build a case around the value the target company provides its shareholders now and where it will go in the future. We operate in a number of sectors, and in this space, we utilize a large group of global business leaders in software, IT and computer engineering to ensure targets are presented to the rights buying entities with the ability to maximize cash at closing and long term value over the life cycle of a transaction.

We do things a bit differently at ValleyBiggs. First, everything we do is one-on-one – we don’t hand things off to underlings to let them do all the leg work. Our principals do it. And we prefer it this way because it ensures that our client is best protected and presented so that everybody is in a position to be successful. We also ensure that we have face to face meetings with company leaders to ensure we’re talking to decision makers, thus eradicating waste and only bringing the very best candidates to the negotiating table.

Because our approach includes a detailed, holistic view of a mid-market company’s potential from an experienced and knowledgeable team of financial, banking and legal professionals, business owners know and trust that ValleyBiggs is the right choice for selling a business. For additional questions about our Software & App group, or for a private consultation with our deal team, please give us a call or email at any time.