Technology & Internet Company
Sales & Divestitures

Deciding to sell a Technology or Internet Company, especially one that has achieved middle market success, is one of the hardest business decisions an entrepreneur can make. No one understands a business owner’s company better than the owner, but if it is time to carve out an exit, it is critical to have an experienced set of advisors to assist with the process, from beginning to end. Nobody should go it alone, and those advisors need to be highly experienced and successful in selling / divesting technology or internet companies.

Consolidation engulfs many industries, as evidenced by the continued high level of merger and acquisition activity. At the same time, many companies are carving out, spinning off, or otherwise shedding non-core business units and functions to focus on core competency areas. These trends offer opportunities for companies of all sizes. Larger companies can create financial and competitive advantages by carving out or spinning off selected portions of their businesses, while reinforcing remaining core areas through targeted acquisitions. Mid-size companies, both publicly and privately held, may find willing buyers of their businesses if they have the right products or unique value proposition.

The ValleyBiggs team of experts brings a massive wealth of knowledge, experience and success in the mid-market, including an in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in selling 7, 8 and 9 figure companies. We specialize in helping clients navigate the complex financial and strategic issues related to a sale by managing the entire process, from the initial development of marketing collateral and first contact with prospective buyers to negotiations and final closing. And since the ValleyBiggs Founders are also Mid-Market Internet Company business owners themselves, who better to help lead you in the right direction as you begin your exit process?

We work with our clients across various industries and business segments to define strategic objectives for the proposed sale, and help improve value through a disciplined, process-oriented approach that includes the following:

Whether you are considering selling all or spinning off a piece of your business in the next few months or even years, our team of experienced professionals can help you develop and execute an exit strategy, identify improvements to increase market value and execute interim initiatives. Throughout the business life cycle, our professionals can share insights to help business owners mitigate risks and increase opportunities. It’s important to start early. So, whether you plan to sell all or part of your business, throughout the sale or divestiture process from initial planning and marketing through due diligence, closing, and post-closing, ValleyBiggs can help owners anticipate and address issues that arise.

The complexity of most middle market transactions requires a specialist like ValleyBiggs with the capabilities and experience needed to handle the most demanding transaction situations. And oftentimes, issues pop up during the transaction process that requires finesse and experience to get through the issue and move forward. We have extensive experience in helping mid-market companies undertake sale and divestiture transactions by helping them plan, execute the transaction to closing and assisting with issues along the way. We have had tremendous success helping resolve common issues that arise, like complex financial, operational, and human capital issues associated with these types of transactions. We provide clients with a comprehensive service solution via our access to consulting, post-merger integration, valuation, tax and pre-sale due diligence services professionals.

If your strategic plans include a sale or divestiture, learn about the many ways ValleyBiggs can help you drive your return on the transaction while mitigating associated risks by giving us a call or emailing us at any time. We can’t wait to start working towards meeting all your objectives.