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Acquisition Assistance

Whether you’re a seasoned buyer of companies that has merged a number of entities into your own, or you’re looking for a first time investment, ValleyBiggs is the partner you need to achieve success. Acquisition clients come to us in various forms, including those that are looking to buy a competitor in the space, those that have been contacted by another firm indicating they would like to sell and those that aren’t sure where to start, but would like to embark on an investment.

When it comes to handling the acquisition of a company, smart entrepreneurs know that you’re in the best position to be successful and close on a transaction if you have the right people backing you during the process. You need a team that understands the marketplace and is aware of trends and targets, solid deal makers that can keep the flow moving and a partner that has a team in place that can manage the entire process from start to finish without the need to outsource. That’s ValleyBiggs.

Acquisitions provide competitive leverage, new technology and know-how, new capabilities, access to new markets and other value-adding objectives. The key is valuing and structuring a sale correctly, mitigating risks and executing a well thought-out integration / transition plan. Since we’ve handled the acquisition process from virtually every vantage point, whether as buyers, sellers, founders looking to exit or as consultants, we’re in a position to provide assistance in a number of area, including, but not limited to:

  • Acquiring Entity Preparation for Acquisition and Post-Sale Integration
  • Model Target development
  • Review of current marketplace deals
  • Valuation & analytics
  • Deal financing
  • Lead negotiations
  • Financial & strategic due diligence
  • Merger operations strategy
  • Post-transaction operations and transition services

Our Approach

When a client engages ValleyBiggs to work with them during the Acquisition process, they have the benefit of having a team of entrepreneurs, attorneys, accountants and executive advisors on their side. What better way is there to ensuring your success at the negotiation and closing tables than by packing the room with experts?
Our strategy has been perfected over time, but generally, and as with everything we do, first we develop a strategic plan. This plan reviews the buying entity, its team, its financial wherewithal as well as its ability to obtain funding or lending. We work directly with the client’s key stakeholders to define a strategy that make sense for the client. That includes, identifying target entity specifics, like company size, market share, industry and synergies. Once the target is well-defined, then an acquisition strategy is put into place and executed, including the search and screening of target companies.

Once one or more target companies are identified, then term sheets are developed indicating interest in the acquisition of the company. If the terms are agreed upon by all parties, a definitive agreement is executed and due diligence begins. Once due diligence is complete, the deal is amended to deal with due diligence findings and a closing is set. Following closing, an integration and transition plan is executed upon.

Our approach can be the complete facilitation of this entire process, or the management of bits and pieces of it. Our goal is to ensure the client is successful in the acquisition and we will play whatever role makes sense for the client.

Published on: January 7th, 2015