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The team of experts at ValleyBiggs focuses on M&A in the the Technology and Internet Sectors. Since we solely focus on these sectors, we are aware of virtually all transactions available to those interested in merging with or acquiring a tech or internet company. It’s a relatively close-knit space. In this respect, we are in a good position to help interested parties acquire a tech company on reasonable terms and within a reasonable timeframe.

Clients specifically find our advisory skills helpful with respect to buy side transactions because our Founders are Tech Entrepreneurs. They have acquired, sold and started up a number of Internet Companies, so they are well positioned to understand not only the economics of the deal, but the actual intricacies and operations of the target business. This is a rare skill that very few ValleyBiggs competitors can claim, and we find that it truly sets us apart.

Buy Side Services can come in a number of forms. We can help clients scale their worldwide footprint, consolidate and/or expand their categories and/or product lines. As an experienced team of experts fully entrenched in the industry, we offer a compelling, independent perspective to our clients that allow them develop their scale strategies. As a buy side advisor, we can identify marketplace trends, acquisition opportunities and assist in bringing to close potential transactions or transactions that are underway.

Our experts tailor their approach to the the buy side of a transaction specific to each client’s needs. Some clients may need help identifying and lining up support services to assist with certain aspects of a transaction, while others may need the entire process managed. We are available for either of these opportunities and anywhere in between. Here is a non-exhaustive list of ways we can help:

  • Due Diligence Management and/or Review
  • Pre and Post-Closing Strategy Development
  • Funding and Financing
  • Deal Negotiation
  • Initiating Target Discussions and Strategizing on an Initial Approach
  • Locating Targets
  • Target Valuation Opinions
  • Post-Sale Operations
  • Transactional Matters and Deal Closings
Published on: January 7th, 2015