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Chances are that if your company is in the position to divest or sell at the mid-market level, you’ve probably seen your fair share of successes. And successful entrepreneurs know best that in order to be successful in business, you must put people around you to help promote growth and longevity. When it comes to exiting your business, that’s where ValleyBiggs comes in.

Not only can we facilitate the sale of a business using highly proven methods via a team of highly trained professionals, but we’ve acquired, sold and started up a number of Internet companies ourselves. We’ve been right where you are today, so we are in the enviable position to help you build a strategy that best suits your needs. Why work with mid-market brokers or bankers that only understand the financial side of a deal when you can work with a team that understands both the financial and operational aspects of a transaction?

Before an exit strategy can be developed, one first needs to review the company’s foundation to ensure it’s at the right stage to promote a solid transaction. Then, it’s important for the Founders and Investors to agree on an exit that puts everybody in a position to be successful. But how do you know when the time is right to sell, and if the time is right, what’s the best process to follow to ensure your company, your employees, your investors and you are protected during the process?

Our Services

One of the first things we look at when onboarding a client is whether now is the appropriate time to take a business to market. In fact, it’s possible that the first time a client reaches out to us, the thought of selling is merely an afterthought – the task seems so daunting that beginning the process can be frightening. If the time is right to sell, then a strategy can be developed accordingly. If it’s not, it’s critical that a forward-looking strategy is developed in view of what you are trying to accomplish, integrating the dynamics specific to your particular company and to its industry, developing a set of benchmarks and initiatives to achieve a particular future position, and then drilling it all down into activities and action items with the ultimate goal of executing on all action items and putting the company in the best light for exit. This strategy should allow you to meet your objectives and one day exit your business when it is best position for a sale. By selling to early, or without a strategy in place to maximize shareholder value, it’s likely that you’re leaving money on the table.

We have experts on our teams that have experience consulting middle market companies on turnaround and exit strategies. Our strategy development process is based on creating value for the shareholders of our client companies. In this light, and among other things, we can assist in defining a company’s long term objectives with an emphasis on shareholder value while keeping all eyes on an exit strategy. To achieve this, we will develop detailed action plans for all stake holders, obtain strategic resources to support implementation of the plan and establish an internal working knowledge of the strategic management process.

Our process is proven, so we are confident in its ability to be successful. And the amount of assistance one client might require compared to another is highly disparate. So we let the client decide the level of service they require and we work together on creating an exit strategy where everybody wins.

Published on: January 7th, 2015