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Our team focuses on sell-side M&A transactions in the Technology and Internet Sectors. While many M&A firms provide a highly disparate, differentiated approach to capture business from multiple verticals, we believe that our team can provide the best value-added service, advice and guidance by focusing on the Technology and Internet Sectors. Therefore, that is our sole focus.

ValleyBiggs typically works on Technology M&A projects in the Mid-Market space. We define middle market as a transaction purchase price ranging from $3 Million to $300 Million in value. The experts at ValleyBiggs have sold hundreds of companies over the past 20 years, making them experts in the industry. Additionally, the Founders of ValleyBiggs own and operate multiple technology companies also in the middle market, putting them in the very best position possible to understand the nuances of a tech company sale.

Our Sale Side Practice & Procedures

The ValleyBiggs team of experts has a large network of advisors and professionals in multiple segments that are helpful in bringing mid-market deals to fruition. These include tax, due diligence and accounting professionals; attorneys (buyers, seller and transactional); post-sale transition and operational teams; and most importantly, a large network of banking, VC and private equity professionals that fund our deals. This latter part of our network is the key that drives our excellence in this sector and why we are able to close over 95% of the deals we work on. This is an unprecedented rate of success in this sector – something we tout often and have a great deal of pride promoting.

Other keys to our success, include the following processes:

  • Diving deep into the client’s company to understand it – a key to ensuring that the business is well represented during the sales process
  • Understanding and documenting client objectives, pre and post-sale
  • Developing a digital library of documents, including financials, memorandums, pitch decks, executive summaries and prospectuses
  • Interviewing Seller stakeholders to develop FAQs to minimize the time our clients must spend in front of prospective buyers
  • Creating a professional marketing package that represents the business in a light most favorable to our client
  • Activating marketing via a number of channels, including in the Private Equity marketplace, before investment bankers, VC groups, individual investors, and via proprietary initiatives before our highly valuable buyer list.

We generally work with our clients for 3-4 weeks before we go to market. This helps us ensure that the marketing materials to be presented to potential buyers are as accurate as possible and presented in a highly professional manner. We have found that this upfront work helps us maintain consistency throughout the sales process and has been well accepted by our clientele. An important part of our process is a detailed exploration of our clients’ financial statements, which helps determine profitability (including whether add-backs exist) and whether there is a need for client financials to be normalized to position the Company in the best possible light.

Experts in the Industry

The reasons why ValleyBiggs stands out about the rest, and why sellers are hard-pressed to find a better group to represent them in the sale of their business, is the following:

  • The Founders are Serial Internet Entrepreneurs. They have hired and trained staff to understand the nuances involved in a Tech transaction, something extremely few of our competitors can claim.
  • Massive network of professionals to support the transaction from start to finish.
  • A mantra of ensuring that our client and its expectations come first – not our commission.
  • Experts that have sold hundreds of companies in the past know how best to prepare and market the company for sale.
  • Attention to detail and a high priority on confidentiality.
Published on: January 7th, 2015