Mid-Market Website Business Brokers

The best Mid-Market Internet Business Brokers in the country, ValleyBiggs, is a technology, Internet and website brokerage firm dedicated to the mergers and acquisitions of middle market companies within the technology, software, media and internet sectors. Working in the website brokerage industry since 1998, the firm and its staff have accumulated nearly two decades of experience and wisdom in this field.

As one of the top website brokers in America we know how to maximize shareholder value through our professional, expert advisory services and the leadership that has been mastered as highly-reputable internet business brokers. We feel strongly that middle-market companies are in need of our services and will reap great benefits from collaborating with us for both acquisition and sale-side assistance. It takes tenacity, experience, a financial background and business acumen to sell tech companies, and our team of brokers are hand-picked with this specific set of traits.

How do we do it?

As technology, Internet and ecommerce business brokers go, we are truly experts in the industry. Our experience as online business brokers for the past 2 decades has aligned us with some of the leading professionals in the industry, including the highest profile accountants, lenders, banks, due diligence experts, tax specialists, attorneys and others in this segment that have been through this process time and time again. Our expert intermediaries have a great deal of experience selling hundreds of companies in the digital space, including Amazon Companies, e-Commerce Companies, Internet Companies, Software Companies, Ad Networks, Software Companies, and everything in between.

Besides our vast experience, what else separates us from others in this space? Our founders are serial internet entrepreneurs too. What does that mean? It means that in conjunction with representing buyers and sellers of tech and website companies, they have also done it for themselves. The leaders of ValleyBiggs have owned, maintained, operated and sold dozens of Internet Companies, and in the process, have been able to leverage their knowledge and wisdom to facilitate and assist clients looking to do the same.

Client before Commission

ValleyBiggs has always taken the stance that the client comes first, both with respect to the direction an exit proceeds as well as the terms thereof. The client has an (obvious) investment, and we wholeheartedly respect their position on all aspects of advising on and selling their company; ultimately, it was their hard work that got them to the point where they have a business with a value proposition and benefit to a buying prospect. As internet business brokers, we want to ensure that our clients come first and that they recognize that our goal is to assist, provide guidance and negotiate a deal that is in his/her best interest, and that meets the client’s ultimate long term strategies and goals. That means going above and beyond and understanding the client’s position on many post-closing matters, and shooting for that extra mile to ensure that the client is not only happy at the end of the sale, but also willing to refer our firm to others that they know in the sector. Referrals are the ultimate pat on the back, and when we see a referral, we know we’ve done right by our clients. Over one-half of all of our clients at any given time are referred from previous clients.

And unlike many other intermediaries in our space, we don’t request upfront fees, expenses or other compensation until our client’s transaction has closed. This strategy works well for everyone involved: the client and ValleyBiggs. It is in both of our best interest to hammer out the best techniques, strategies and avenues for a profitable outcome, and that’s precisely what we do at ValleyBiggs. In fact, we sit down with the client for a good 3-4 weeks before placing the business on the market to ensure that our client’s business is being represented in a light most favorable to the client.

Superior Technology & Website Brokerage Services

Before listing a technology company, internet business or website business for sale, it’s important to dive deep into the business to learn as much as possible. Knowing the business inside and out means representing it in the most positive light in the marketplace, this, in turn, means a profitable exit. Some of the ways ValleyBiggs provides assistance to its clients include deal financing, valuation and analytics, model target development, merger operations strategy, financial and strategic due diligence, and much more. And since we are serial tech entrepreneurs ourselves, nobody is better situated to market your business to potential suitors because we likely already know your business from the inside out.

Internet Business Brokers, ValleyBiggs, Develop Lucrative Exit Strategies

When developing an exit strategy, we can help you with both the financial side of the transaction as well as the operational side of the deal. How do we do it? Because, we’ve sat on both sides of the closing table – as buyers and sellers of Internet Companies, as well as representatives for both buyers and sellers. Having acquired, sold and started a great many internet businesses ourselves, we have developed a keen intuition and insight into the process, more so than any other ecommerce business broker. We especially know how to review the company’s foundation in order to determine that it’s the right time for a transaction. Then, we help the investors and the founders decide on the best possible exit strategy, one that is not only lucrative, but one that also protects everyone in the process.

Exceptional Buy Side Services

This is our sector. We are exceptionally proficient at identifying marketplace trends and acquisition opportunities around the globe, both because we own and operate our own portfolio of eCommerce and Amazon companies, but also because of our decade of experience in Mergers and Acquisitions. Due to the fact that we only focus on Mid-Market M&A for the Software, Technology and Internet categories, we are able to gain a full understanding and perspective of what’s available. Some of the ways we assist our clients in this way include locating targets, post-sales operations, due diligence management and review, funding and financing, deal negotiation, target valuation opinions and much more.

You can trust ValleyBiggs to provide you with the best M&A services for your middle market business. Our decades of experience will benefit you during the process and serve to yield exceptional results.