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Business Mergers and Acquisitions Company, ValleyBiggs, Provides Exceptional M&A Services

Founded by Serial Internet Entrepreneurs, ValleyBiggs is a business mergers and acquisitions company that specializes in mid-market companies in the web, internet and technology sectors that gross between $3 million and $300 million annually. They are also the founders of WebsiteClosers.com and WebsiteOperators.com, further expanding their experience in the industry.

For website owners who are looking for an M&A consulting company to give them an accurate website valuation, and to talk about exit strategies, and everything else involved in the process of selling websites, ValleyBiggs offers the most exceptional experience as well as the most highly regarded professionals available in the industry today.

The team of professionals behind ValleyBiggs includes due diligence and accounting professionals, tax professionals, attorneys, post-sale and transition and operational teams, and of course, a huge network of VC, banking and private equity professionals that serve as the finance ValleyBiggs deals.

As a quality business mergers and acquisitions company, ValleyBiggs has a number of steps they take that have proven to be a true measure of their success. These include interviewing seller stakeholders so that a list of FAQ’s can be created so that the client’s time with prospective buyers can be minimized, activating the marketing of the website through a number of different channels, thoroughly understanding the company from the inside out, documenting the client’s objectives both for before the sale and after the sale, creating a library of documents that can be easily accessed anytime during the process, etc.

What makes the M&A consulting company, ValleyBiggs, so special is that they also own a number of website businesses. This has given them the experience necessary to see everyone’s point of view and represent their clients fully and thoughtfully. They make sure that their client’s needs always come first; in fact, they don’t take a commission until their client’s website has sold. They place a high priority on confidentiality, as a leak about the sale of a business can be costly in a number of ways to the business owner. If you are interested in obtaining a website valuation from an experienced business mergers and acquisitions company, contact ValleyBiggs today!

Published on: December 14th, 2015