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9 Year Old SaaS Business in the Smart Parking Vertical – Proprietary Tech Stack & Hardware – 50%+ Margins – Fully Integrated Mobile App – Open Bids Pipeline of Nearly $4.7M

Asking Price $6,600,000
Gross Income $3,355,027
Cash Flow $1,473,885
Year Established 2009

ValleyBiggs® presents an accomplished SaaS veteran in the Smart Parking Industry that has, since their launch in 2014, sought to revolutionize the way we park. They act as a low to mid-range priced parking management solution provider that has partnered with prominent hardware suppliers, which, coupled with their adapting technology and a customer-centric approach, has made them stand out in such a fast-paced market.

They have shifted the market through their pricing structure, which is software-focused rather than hardware-centric and can reduce the cost of current systems by up to 70%. They also offer better data management, usability, product quality, and assurance compared to competitors, as the system is maintained through their transaction-based revenue structure.

Additionally, by moving the entire system parking system to a cloud base, they’ve removed the need for costly on-site hardware and associated maintenance. This reduces the initial capex and significantly cuts down on the overall cost of ownership for clients

The brand has used their years of experience to their benefit, establishing a line of high-margin offerings that, between services and hardware, enjoy margins that run anywhere from 50 to 90%. Their offerings use a proprietary product design that was the brainchild of a partnership with a major electronics designer and manufacturer, which allows the brand to incorporate proprietary elements for their parking solution.

They have adopted a diversified approach to sourcing their products, ensuring a robust and reliable supply chain that reduces the risk of supplier shortages, while also securing high-quality hardware products from reputable suppliers in their niche. For instance, the cameras used in the company’s products are procured from large organizations with a global network of over 500 suppliers, giving the brand a wide range of camera options to choose from for their solutions.

The company is in the process of introducing a distinct and unique software platform and mobile app solution to the market, which shows great promise. This app creates a new experience for the end-user, where they can plan, book, route, and seamlessly pay for parking without a ticket or interaction outside of the app. No other competitor has a platform or mobile app that will link multiple facilities and parking locations alongside the ability to book and pay within a single platform or mobile application, giving them a leg-up over their market rivals

The quality of their offerings, along with the long-standing, well-deserved reputation that has been built up around them, has given them a bid pipeline that currently consists of nearly $4.7 million in opportunities in Australia alone, with contract sizes ranging from $55,000 to $125,000.

Over the years, the company has established multiple revenue streams for a more diversified profit. Unlike many parking solutions, this acquisition isn’t a “set-itand-forget-it” solution. Instead, their revenue is derived from hardware installation (a one-time fee), the software solution (a monthly fee), and transaction processing (activity-based fee).

The foundation has been set for incredible potential growth in the brand’s future and only needs the right set of hands at the wheel to drive them down the path of success. An option strongly worth considering is white labeling the different solutions provided by the brand and parking solutions for others within the industry, including owners and managers of parking services that do not currently have a viable solution. This would strengthen their B2B revenue flow, giving them more profits to work with.

They could also form strategic partnerships with industry leaders, technology providers, and key stakeholders, granting them access to new resources, expertise, and market opportunities. New partnerships would also let them foster collaborative innovation, reinforcing their position as a leading provider of comprehensive and dynamic solutions.

The company would thrive by continuing to innovate and diversify their product portfolio, which would let them explore the integration of additional services such as EV charging solutions to cater to evolving customer needs and to enhance their competitive edge within the access control and parking management industry. Additional high-quality products would make it easier to implement aggressive upfront pricing, generating more revenue for the brand.

International expansion is a promising option for this incredible brand, and the new owner can achieve this by hiring sales staff for that purpose. They could capitalize on their successful operations in Australia to expand into lucrative overseas markets, particularly the United States, and leverage their scalable solutions and innovative offerings to establish a global presence and capture new market segments.

Their top-of-the-line app, meanwhile, could be improved upon by introducing a rewards program that allows for discounted parking, retail discounts, entertainment, and other benefits that would appeal to their users. This momentum could then be used to implement tailored service offerings, personalized experiences, and proactive customer support, which would all be helpful for fostering long-term client relationships, repeat business, positive referrals, and an enhanced brand reputation within the industry.

This exceptional deal has been cruising along the road to success since their launch, and a glance at how much they’ve achieved serves as a testament to that. A clever buyer could send them speeding along to higher profits, additional products, and an even stronger reputation in their market than they’ve already achieved since their launch in 2014.

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