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Premium Cookware Brand – Designs, Manufactures & Sells – eCommerce & Retail Channels – Proprietary Designs – 19 Patents & 10 Trademarks – 40% YOY Growth

Asking Price $7,900,000
Gross Income $4,860,000
Cash Flow $1,737,000
Year Established 2014

ValleyBiggs® presents an eCommerce Brand that has been built from the ground up … not just to sell online, but to be a preeminent, real brand in the cookware space that can be sold via eCommerce, Marketplace, and Retail Channels.

The brand offers a Premium, High Quality, and Proprietary Line of Kitchenware, with many more products in development. The founder has created a range of cookware and kitchen tools, including  pots, and pans, with multiple patents and trademarks covering every product, and protecting the brand’s margins and equity globally. The products compete with some of the highest-end cookware on the market, such as Lodge, All-Clad, and Tefal.

The global market is enormous, and a significant shift is underway toward healthier, more sustainable, locally made products – particularly in the kitchen space. The brand is ideally positioned to capitalize on this shift.

The founder and design engineer is a qualified mechanical engineer with a business degree and over 3 decades of experience in the cookware industry. His talent for innovation, IP protection, brand building, direct marketing, and business strategy has helped this brand proliferate year-over-year and build a cult-like following that continues to grow strongly.

All products are made under contract exclusively for the business by manufacturers, with no reliance on China, with manufacturing agreements in place with key contractors.

The digital marketing strategy is highly effective and comprises various methods. The primary process driving sales is word-of-mouth referrals. There is plenty of free support online from chefs, influencers, experts, and customers who are so impressed by the innovation and performance of the products that they are willing to help spread the word among their friends. This is supported by online advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Product launches always work impressively and social media posts are boosted to current followers and friends while the campaigns are in their learning phase. The general strategy is to run traffic and conversion campaigns side by side to achieve a baseline ROAS of 400% to 500%. From there, the budget is increased, and the audience is broadened to maximize value.

Google Ads have been incredibly lucrative for the company, with an average return on ad spend of 885%. A combination of brand exact, dynamic, generic ad campaigns and video and display ads are utilized.

Affiliate marketing has been implemented recently and achieved excellent results. In just three months, affiliates accounted for sales of nearly $60,000 with payable commissions of under $5,000. The business is now scaling efforts and considering hiring an agency to maximize revenue swiftly. Their role will be to find suitable affiliates across the vertical and introduce them to the brand.

Email Campaigns are used to communicate with subscribers and potential new customers. The public list has an average open rate of 45%, while a Facebook group achieves 60%. That Facebook group, with 16,000 members, has become highly valuable as happy customers promote the brand with user-generated content and discussions about how they’ve used their kitchenware, recipes they’ve made, and which products they’d like to buy next. The mailing list also contributes significantly to the unique Kickstarter campaigns the brand uses when launching new products.

The Customer
The business is built on and with its community. Each product in the store has been through the Kickstarter crowdfunding experience from the first launch in 2014 to now. The company has launched and funded over 50 Kickstarter projects, delivering every single one.

The typical customer is from an AB income demographic and likes to collect many of the brand’s products for their kitchens. The C demographic is also supportive, aspiring to own some products. No other brand in this industry has a customer base with such zeal and faith. This is evident on the brand lover’s Facebook group, with members posting photos of their collections, often in the dozens of pieces, because they collect almost everything the company launches. Sales are robust throughout the year, with peaks in Q4 leading to Christmas.

Ownership & Staff
The owner works full-time and focuses primarily on marketing and branding strategy, product innovation, IP management, and goals and actions for the team. He is willing to continue in a designer or advisory capacity for several years if necessary.

Additional full-time employees include an operations manager. The part-time staff comprises a sales manager, marketing manager, marketing assistant, customer service lead, and logistics assistant.

This company has shown consistent revenue growth, strong gross margins, lean operations, and high net profits. 70% of revenue is B2C direct and the brand is only just recently stocked in over 130 retail outlets, as the seller had not historically offered credit terms to any retailers in order to keep the brakes on growth. In addition, it comes with a backlog of innovative products in development for launch in the coming months and years.

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