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Choose ValleyBiggs, M&A Advisory Firm, for the Sale of Your Mid Market Business

As the preeminent Technology, Internet and Website M&A Advisory Firm in the country, Valley Biggs is the best choice for entrepreneurs who are selling an online business with gross sales that fall between $1 million and $500 million. Due to their extensive experience, they are well-positioned to maximize shareholder value and also have a vast network of funding sources all over the world. ValleyBiggs is proud to provide its services within the Tech & Internet categories to business owners who are selling a Technology Company, providing excellent services for those in that sector.

Selling a technology company is wrought with questions, concerns, pitfalls and problems. Choosing ValleyBiggs, an experienced M&A Advisory Firm, can help mid-market business owners overcome these hurdles and ease toward a smooth final transaction. ValleyBiggs focuses on representing Target companies who are looking for exit strategies, and buying entities looking to acquire new entities. At ValleyBiggs, their team of experts explains every process in detail, so the client’s understanding is thorough and enlightened. This M&A Advisory Firm creates the best possible vision for the company before it is put up for sale.

As ValleyBiggs hones their concentration on companies within the Tech & Internet categories, they are able to provide very specific valuations for the companies in that industry. At ValleyBiggs, creating business valuations is more than simply reviewing the company’s financial statements and developing a multiple strategy. By taking into account the opinions of leaders in the business valuations industry and using their own accepted valuation methods, this M&A advisory firm is are able to provide the business owner with the best possible offering price. This makes shareholders happy as well as lenders.

ValleyBiggs is a 100% success-based firm, which means that before they take any commission they perform all of the strategy work first. They will provide the entrepreneur selling a technology company with a consultation and valuation. All risk to the entrepreneur is eliminated by this approach, allowing the entrepreneur to breathe easy while the M&A advisory firm experts do the work to put the company in the best possible light so everyone involved benefits.

Published on: April 6th, 2015