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How to Determine Your Business Value?

Business value is an anticipated price the business would sell for. There are various reasons to have an up-to-date business valuation such as retirement, divorce, health issues or other personal issues. The real price of a business is hugely dependent on who determines the business value. That being said, there are typically three major ways to determine a business’s worth, namely, Asset Approach, Market Approach, and Income Approach.

The Asset Approach is a general way of determining the value of a business. This approach uses the books of the company to identify both tangible and intangible value of the assets and the liabilities to determine a net value of the company. Under the Market Approach the value of your business is established by comparing your business to similar businesses that have been recently sold. This helps you gain valuable insights about the kind of price your business would fetch in the marketplace. The Income Approach is typically used for income-producing properties. This approach considers the amount of income generated to determine how much the property may sell for under current market conditions.

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Published on: November 10th, 2017