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How to Handle the Toxic People in Your Business (& Your Life)

Let’s face it, there’s much more to life than sitting around a campfire singing “Kumbaya.” If everyone always got along, sure, there would be less stress and less strife, but perhaps the one positive aspect to opposing opinions is that this is when growth happens. Ideas are discussed, strategies rearranged. Unfortunately, those opposing opinions sometimes come from relentlessly toxic people, and if you are to stay ahead of the game (read: successful and not completely stressed out), than you have to learn how to handle those toxic people and walk away sludge-free.

  • Set personal limits. Everyone, at some time, complains about something. However, the toxic person seems to enjoy snaring people into their web of toxicity and not letting go. Set very firm limits about listening to toxic people vent to keep yourself from spiraling into the same negative-brain way of thinking.
  • Know which buttons they push. If you are aware that the toxic people in your life are pushing your buttons, you will also be able to walk away. Recognizing and being aware of this is the first step toward reclaiming your time as your own and not getting sucked into the toxic trap.
  • Don’t engage. Toxic people often live to trap you in a “fight.” It can be very easy to get caught up in a heated argument based on irrational thinking that the toxic person is presenting you with – instead, hold your head up high and walk away.
  • Think solutions – don’t dwell on the problems. Instead of thinking about and worrying that the toxic person is draining your energy (and your soul) – focus, instead, on how you will handle them in the future.
  • Quit putting yourself down. Negative self-talk, for someone who is usually a positive person, is a direct result of being around toxic people. There is only one way when it comes to the road of negative self-talk, and that’s down. Recognize you’re doing it, and turn your emotions and your inner thoughts in the other direction to help keep success a real focus in your life.

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Published on: March 30th, 2017