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Newest Middle Market M&A Firm, ValleyBiggs, Springs to Action

After successfully starting up and developing one of the largest small business brokerages in the country focused on Technology & Internet Companies, Serial Entrepreneurs, Jason Guerrettaz and Ron Matheson, have started up a new Mergers and Acquisitions firm with a focus on Mid-Market Technology, Internet and Website Transactions. The new M&A firm is: ValleyBiggs.

Messrs Guerrettaz and Matheson have decades of experience starting up, operating, buying and selling middle market tech and internet companies, so the development of ValleyBiggs was a natural progression from operations they have been performing at their other SBE web brokerage, WebsiteClosers.com.

ValleyBiggs is comprised of a team of ecommerce, technology, software, app and Internet M&A brokers whose proficiency lies in the mid-market sector. They only focus on digital deals, making them a rare, highly focused boutique Mid-Market Firm. As internet business brokers, they have the knowledge, the skills and the experience to offer M&A advisory services to any mid-market internet, technology or software company. They are also backed by a diverse network of Private Equity Groups, Venture Capital and successful investors. As a boutique M&A firm, ValleyBiggs offers a number of services to their clients that ultimately work to create a smooth transaction. The team of internet business brokers at ValleyBiggs creates an accurate valuation for the client’s site while also providing consultations to help the client put their company in the best light possible for a future sale.

Jason Guerrettaz, Executive Director, speaking on behalf of ValleyBiggs, discussed their many M&A advisory services, “One of the major items on our agenda when we first take on a new client is company valuation. Valuation should never be based solely on Company Financials, as some of our competitors would have you believe. We use a tried and true formula for finding the features of a business that make it stand out and add value to potential buyers. Valuation is usually top of mind for entrepreneurs looking to exit their middle market company, and they want to ensure that the timing is right to exit based on their particular circumstances. We find that our clients all shop around for various firms while pondering exit, but they invariably come back to us because they want a boutique brokerage that can both represent them at the highest, professional levels, but also understand the technology behind the company.”

Additional M&A Advisory Services Provided by Valley Biggs

ValleyBiggs takes pride in their intermediary work, and make an effort to get to know each client’s company as well as the client does. This particular characteristic of the company is rare in the world of brokering deals, and is really making ValleyBiggs shine. Some of the other M&A advisory services they provide include escrow assistance, post-closing activities, including assistance provided by their sister company, WebsiteOperators.com, to help with operational assistance, if necessary. One of the most impressive aspects of the Valley Biggs arsenal is their buyer pool. They have concrete connections with big banks, wealthy investors, venture capital and private equity. Because of these connections, many of their deals never make it to public domain because there’s always an interested party ready to go and a liquid pool of buyers waits at the ready for great deals they know ValleyBiggs will put on the table.

Published on: March 27th, 2015