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Sell Startup Business – Our Way!

We understand that each startup is unique and must be handled as an individual setup. So if you are looking to sell your startup, then get ready to face the challenges. However, with our help, you can eliminate possible challenges. We aim to help you in selling a startup business by making personalized strategies and plans for you. We work closely with you and learn your vision and goals regarding your startup. It helps us in getting you the right offers. We deal with startups and enterprises alike, we are confident that we can help you! So if you are wondering who can help you in selling my business, look no further!

Startup Advisor You Are Looking for!

Are you looking for guidance? We are here to help you navigate through the complexities of business. We have expert startup business advisors waiting to guide you through. Our team of dedicated advisors for startups supports you by tailoring solutions and giving you valuable insights to achieve your goals.

We have spent valuable time in the startup advisor industry so we can bring you the power of knowledge and expertise. We are confident in planning business strategies, business development, marketing, and more. So no matter if you are in the early stages of your startup or way ahead, we can help you!


Together, we can build a successful business opportunity that will allow you to grow. We invite you to overcome all the obstacles in your path with our valued business advisor for startups. So, what are you waiting for? Unlock your hidden potential and strive forward to achieve the heights of success!

Our Services for M&A Startup

Due to the fast nature of mergers and acquisitions or M&A, making deals requires a lot of expertise and accuracy. We are here to offer you the specialized services we build for the startup M&A process. We can optimize your strategies and get you good transaction deals.

Our team is composed of experienced professionals and with our deep understanding of startup M&A advisory, you can gain a lot of benefits. We are known to guide you at every step of the way during your startup M&A. We want you to have a seamless merger and acquisition process with our perfect execution while maximizing your value.

The most important and critical part of any M&A is the business valuation. So if you don’t want to go through the hassle, then leave it all to us. We set all your records straight and let you breathe freely. Trust us with M&A startup valuations, and enjoy the best aftermath!

Whether you are here to expand your startup with new technology or looking for a strategic business partner, we are ready to help. Let’s become trusted partners and dive into the ocean of growth, success, and innovation. Contact us today to start your M&A journey.


Startup Exit Strategy – Maximize Your Value

As you build your startup empire, we want you to also consider an eventual exit in case of any certain situation. We are experts at creating exit strategies for startups to help founders like you in maximizing their value. Investors also often look for our help, as they want to exit on a good startup exit valuation. Here is how we do it!

Understanding Your Goals

We believe that by understanding your goals and objectives for the exit we can plan out the best startup exit options. No matter if you are looking to get a lucrative acquisition or an IPO (Initial Public Offering), we can help you. We work together to find out the best exit strategies for startups that align with their future aspirations and goals.

Accurate Analysis
We make sure that our team works thoroughly and analyses your startup market position. We are pretty accurate in analyzing financial performance, growth potential and best startup exit options for your business. We research through the market trends, competitors, and more and get you the most promising results.

Great Valuation
You should maximize the valuation of your startup as it is only going to help you achieve a successful exit. We have built strategies to help us enhance your company’s valuation so don’t worry and leave everything on us.

Explore Your Exit Options
We want you to explore the best exit strategy for startup with us! Our team has expertise in acquisitions, mergers, IPOs, and more. Whatever you are looking for, we have it. We want you to have the best outcome from our exit strategy for startups.

Our exit plan for a startup like yours is fool-proof, and you are guaranteed to have the best results from the exit. We aim to get a maximized valuation for businesses no matter what the challenges are.


Business Brokers for Startups – What We Offer?

We want to offer you our expert advice and help; here is what we do:

Business Planning and Strategies
Enjoy a well-planned and strategized business plan with our team of experts. We fulfill all of the steps from conducting market research to making financial projections and plans. We are here to equip you with all the valuable insights and strategies we have up our sleeves. So in future, if you are selling your startup you have everything aligned for you.

Product and Business Development
We bring your dream into reality by bringing your business and product ideas to life! We have a whole team of designers, engineers, and developers ready to aid you with any services you are looking for. We work in collaboration with you and your team to get the maximum result.

If you are selling a startup then you must build a strong rapport through marketing in the industry. Attract your target audience with branding and marketing; take our services to ease the process. We are here to make a buzz and maximize the valuation of your startup business!


So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get the best!

Why Choose Us? The Best Business Advisors for Startups

We are proud to be one of the best business startup advisors, and here is why you should choose us!

Our Years of Experience and Expertise!
Every startup and business is unique in its own way, so being the best business startup advisor and having valuable experience can help you. Our expertise and years of experience are unmatchable to any other services. We have the guts to take any challenge and turn it into a brilliant opportunity for our clients.

Custom-made Solutions for You!
We go for a custom-made approach for our clients, as each startup faces different challenges and has its own issues. We design and customize the perfect solution for all our clients, and we can incorporate any specific things you are looking for.

We work with both bootstrapped and scale-up startups and give them the best possible results and valuations.

Be our Collaborator!
For us, you are not just another customer but a valued collaborator. We will work together like partners and build a life-long relationship with you. We believe in complete transparency and effective communication, which is why our clients trust us. We are ready to go above and beyond for your business venture.


How to Sell a Startup? Contact Us Today!

If you are looking for startup selling, stop your search here, and contact us today! Here is why you should definitely connect with us.

Expert Business Development
With our business development services, you can accelerate the revenue of your startup. We have experienced sales individuals to guide you through the complex sales process and fish out the best new opportunities for your startup. Selling a startup company on your own is not recommended, so get our help today.

Efficient Operations Skills
We understand how business operations work, so we can easily help you optimize it. We are here to give our support to you in any matter whether it concerns your supply management or process operation. We also specialize in cost saving, which is the key to success for all startups.

Funding and Finance Management
Our funding and financial management support service allows you to be secure with your funds and also helps you manage your accounts efficiently. You can navigate through budgeting swiftly with our team of experts. It can be complex and difficult for startup founders to get a trusted advisor, but we are here to prove this statement wrong.

We want you to capitalize and optimize your startup journey!


Selling a Startup? Do it with us!

We are confident in our services, and we would love to be onboard with you and optimize the results of your startup as you plan to sell it. Valley Biggs is a pro startup advisor who has helped many entrepreneurs in achieving their goals by helping them out.

Our services and advisory are for anyone and everyone who feels that they are stuck in one place with their startup. Just pick up the phone and dial our number. Connect with us; we want to help you!


Let’s Start Your Journey

We’re business owners and serial Tech entrepreneurs ourselves. That means we understand how your business operates from the inside out. Most advisors don’t have a well-rounded understanding of the space, or how to quantify the value proposition a Tech or Internet business offers. We can. The insights and understanding we’ve developed in two decades of buying and selling Internet companies make us the perfect choice to be your business broker. Our clients love us – and you will, too.