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ValleyBiggs is the Technology Sector’s Best Acquisitions and Mergers Broker

At ValleyBiggs, their specialty lies in providing acquisition and mergers broker services for middle market companies with gross annual revenues between $1,000,000 and $250,000,000 in the technology, internet and digital media sectors. Very few internet business brokers provide such specialized niche services. ValleyBiggs is able to provide these services because of their extensive background as marketing strategists, business intermediaries and serial internet entrepreneurs who have purchased, managed and sold technology-based companies for the past two decades.

Among the many M&A valuation companies, only ValleyBiggs provides capital consulting and advisory services with a broad range of strategic options that help with business growth, restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. They take great pride in the fact that before placing a website company on the market, they first dive deep into the client’s company to gain the best understanding of it that they can, which will, in turn, ensures the best representation of the business when it is placed on the market. They also gain and complete understanding and thoroughly document their client’s objectives both before the sale and after the sale of the website company. As an experienced acquisition and mergers broker, ValleyBiggs even interviews seller stakeholders to develop a library of FAQ’s so the client will have to spend as little time as possible with prospective buyers.

As one of the top M&A valuation companies, ValleyBiggs provides only the valuation services which include using their expert consulting services in everything from financing to marketing to business development and logistics. As one of the most thorough M&A valuation companies, the client’s website company value is determined by many factors that other M&A valuation companies might not utilize.

Acquisition and mergers broker, ValleyBiggs, ensures their clients in the middle-market internet, digital media and technology niche sectors that they will get the maximize profit for the sale of their company through their experienced team of entrepreneurs, accountants, attorneys and executive advisors. There really is no better way to ensure success than to utilize a crew of industry experts in securing the best possible deal.

Published on: June 18th, 2015