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ValleyBiggs Represents Middle Market Firms in M&A Transactions

Acquisitions and mergers broker, ValleyBiggs, represents middle market firms in M&A transactions. They are deal closers and know how to maximize shareholder value with their expert advisory services. Specifically, they represent middle market firms in the technology, internet and website niches. They have decades of experience owning and operating their own digital properties and they also specialize in tech companies with gross annual sales between one million and $250,000,000.

As an acquisitions and mergers broker, their process starts with a business valuation which includes reviewing financial statements and creating multiple strategies for optimal sale results. They know that business valuations rely more on just earnings and growth. At ValleyBiggs, they fully and deeply understand the technology sector and know how to highlight the best features of your company, so you can get the maximum profit at the closing table. They believe that accentuating the features and technical differences of a company can be just as important if not more important than being a driver of deal multiples.

When it comes to middle market firms in the technology industry, business valuations are a different animal. ValleyBiggs knows how to take all of the assets and features of a company in this sector to calculate the best possible business valuation. Generally, these valuations make a great platform for the start of negotiations. Due to ValleyBiggs’ experience in the industry, they are able to market and subsequently sell a tech company far better than most bankers or brokers can. As an acquisitions and mergers broker for middle market firms, ValleyBiggs provides acquisition assistance for seasoned buyers as well as first time investors.

Part of their key to success is that they are exemplary in performing key tasks when undertaking selling a middle market firm. Some of these key tasks include delving deep into a company to better understand it so that they can best represent it when it’s placed up for sale, developing a digital library of documents including financials, pitch decks, executive summaries, etc., and creating a professional marketing package so that the client’s company is placed in the best possible light.

Published on: September 4th, 2015