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Ecommerce M&A Broker, ValleyBiggs, Specialized in Technology M&A

For the past 20 years, ecommerce M&A broker, ValleyBiggs has been working in the industry as one of the top M&A consulting companies. During that time they have assisted numerous clients obtain great success and high profits at the closing table. As middle market intermediaries, ValleyBiggs specializes in technology, website, and internet companies so that they can better serve their clients who operate in this niche.

They have amassed many testimonials from clients that are truly satisfied with their strategies and services, and aim to please future clients in the same fashion. They meet with clients who are generally just starting to think about exiting their business and need help developing a profitable exit strategy that makes sense not only for them but also for their company. Having built a solid reputation in the industry as one of the very best M&A consulting companies, ValleyBiggs starts this process with a business valuation. Putting a value on the company is not as simple as it sounds, there are many aspects that are considered including current valuation principles, current market trends, and known multiples.

After the valuation, the team at ValleyBiggs helps the client decide if now is the best time to take the website, internet, or technology company to market, or if it’s best to wait. They know that if now is not the best time, they won’t rush the client into it because ultimately, it usually means leaving money on the closing table. Regardless of how long the company should wait before being placed on the market, and regardless of how long it takes to close the process, these middle market intermediaries never charge a commission until the client’s site has successfully sold.

Once it’s decided to go ahead and place the website on the market, a “data room” is created that houses all types of important materials including non-disclosure agreement, deal pitchbook, analytics, financial statements, taxes, valuation report, and more. It’s at this time that ValleyBiggs begins to interact with the private equity groups within their network and list the business for sale, with the utmost discretion, of course.

If you have an ecommerce site that falls within the middle market technology, internet, or website niche, and you’re thinking about exiting, call ValleyBiggs at 800-980-4145 today for your free consultation.

Published on: August 4th, 2016